Windows 7/2008R2 SP1 AIK Supplement Update Installation and Information

Windows 7/2008R2 SP1 AIK Supplement Update Installation and Information

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With the release of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1(SP1) we have also released a new version of the Windows 7 AIK or WAIK.  The SP1 version is more of a supplement to the current version and not a full replacement of the AIK. 

The update includes an update to Windows PE (WINPE) that includes the following

  • The number in the Version registry value is 3.1 to reflect the new Windows PE version.
  • The Windows PE 3.1 base image contains Remote Network Driver Interface Specification (RNDIS) binaries. These binaries are also available for Windows PE 3.0 as a hotfix. For more information, see Knowledge Base Article ID: 979265 (
  • Windows PE 3.1 includes 802.1x binaries as an optional component. The file name of this package is This optional component is also available for Windows PE 3.0 as a hotfix. For more information, see Knowledge Base Article ID 972831(
  • The Windows PE 3.1 base image contains fixes that are related to 512E/4K drive support. Note that the updates are for 512e drives not Native 4k drives.  For more information, see Knowledge Base Article:;en-US;2510009
  • Windows PE 3.1 includes bug fixes that are related to the Windows PE version that is included with Windows 7 SP1.

The contents of the ISO are:

11/26/2010  07:32 PM    <DIR>          X86

11/26/2010  07:33 PM    <DIR>          IA64

11/26/2010  07:32 PM    <DIR>          AMD64

11/04/2010  09:18 PM             3,485 SETSANPOLICY.CMD

11/20/2010  07:21 AM           110,080 SSSHIM.DLL

11/04/2010  09:18 PM               806 PESETENV.CMD

11/04/2010  09:18 PM             2,084 COPYPE.CMD

It should be noted that unless you have a need for these updates in your deployment you may continue to use the current version of Windows PE (3.0). 

Download Information

The ISO can be downloaded from the following link:

Installation Instructions

The ISO does not contain instructions for installation.  More information on the update can be found at the following location:

To install the updated WINPE you copy the contents of the ISO over top of the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools

You should choose to overwrite the files.  It basically replaces all the WINPE specific files and Optional Components (OC’S). 

ConfigMgr and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Information

More information on the use of the updated WINPE 3.1 can be found at the following blog:

I hope this helps explain the new supplement and how to install it.

Scott McArthur
Senior Support Escalation Engineer
Microsoft Enterprise Platforms Support

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  • You say this is not a replacement for the older version of "Windows 7 Automated Installation Kit". I asked this question in a Microsoft forum and was directed to read your post and Im still confused. So let me try to re-phrase my question so that I can get a direct straight forward answer.

    Let's pretend I have never installed any "WAIK" kit in my life and I want to do so now. Is the first release of the "WAIK for Windows 7" a pre-requisite to installing the "WAIK SP1 Supplement" or will the "WAIK for windows 7 SP1" stand on its own two feet as a stand-alone installer without downloading and installing the "original" WAIK for Windows 7?

  • You need Windows 7 AIK before you can "install" manually WAIK 7 SP1.

    download, mount and install KB3AIK_EN.iso

    download, mount and copy content from waik_supplement_en-us.iso to C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools, overwriting all

    enjoy ! :-)

  • Could the regular WAIK ISO be updated?  It seems a self-extracting archive would be more appropriate than an ISO file...

  • Thanks for the to-the-point info :)

  • Another retarded move by Microsoft...

  • Great blog post! I'm glad we have new WinPE boot images. Any idea when we'll see PowerShell / .NET support in WinPE? I think WinPE is the last remaining gap for Windows PowerShell to really nail the coffin into VBscript!

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  • Sure would be nice for a Setup.exe.  OMG get a clue MS!

  • Ok.
    But I have WAIK 2.0 installed.
    I downloaded 3.0
    But I don't see instruction on how to install that. If I run the startcd.exe, it presents me screens to remove or repair AIK which leads me to belive i downloaded 2.0.