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Word 2010 switches to Draft view from Print Layout view when the computer is left idle for a couple of minutes

Word 2010 switches to Draft view from Print Layout view when the computer is left idle for a couple of minutes

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Some Word2010 users reported an interesting issue:

You are viewing a document (with reviewing turned on) in Print Layout view, and after a few minutes, the view switches to Draft view and opens the comments window on the bottom. It usually happens when the computer is left idle for a
couple of minutes or sometime seconds.


Please verify EndNote X5 add-on is installed with Word2010. Try following methods:

1.  Start in Word in safe mode (hold the CTRL key while starting word).

2.  Disabled cite while you write - in endnote x5 tab, click the arrow on the bottom right of 'bibliography' -> instant formatting tab -> turn off.

  • I don't seem to be able to access the Endnote x5 tab while in safe mode, so this fix isn't helping.

  • I have the same problem and need a resolution

  • I agree with KGT.  When I open word 2010 in safe mode, the endnote x5 tab isn't event there.  For me, this problem seems to occur more when track changes is turned on.   This is VERY annoying and wastes a lot of my time.  Starting to detest Microsoft products and switch.

  • Safe mode removes the endnote x5 tab from the ribbon, so we're unable to "turn off" instant formatting. Is this issue being investigated or just dropped?

  • Yes, please address this problem. It is extremely annoying.

  • This really is annoying, switching off 'cite while you write' is not an option for me. I hate it when I always have to switch back the views _AND_ find where I was in my document, since for me it always jumps back to the home position of the document. This should be addressed, since I am not alone here, several colleagues also see this behavior but they suffer silently...

  • I have it in Endnote X4 - I think it is an endnote issue rather than word

  • Same here for Endnote X5, please find a solution

  • I have the same problem and agree, it seems to be an EndNote problem. In Word I went into "Options", "Add-Ins" and manage "COM-Add-ins" as well as "Word Add-ins" and disabled active EndNote options. This removed the EndNote Add-In in Word and solved the problem. But as MRIMan writes, disabling EndNote is not always an option....

  • I found that when I change the preference of the Endnote in Word - it delays this problem.

    I changed the "cite while you write" preferences to "scan for temporary citations every" X seconds. It switches every time you it scans for temporary citations - so if you put 600 seconds - it will switch only once every 10 minutes

  • I use X4 and it does the same thing to me.  It is pretty annoying...mostly because I'm writing my thesis so when I get it to switch back it moves to the very first word and I lose my place in an 80 page document....ugh. Guess I'll try switching preferences.

  • For those of us who need to have EndNote open at all times (e.g. writing a thesis, hence suffering with referencing) I think Moran's option is the best. Maybe 600 seconds is too often. I'm trying 1800 (half an hour).

    Thanks for all the input and good luck to all!

  • The posted solution sucks. What do you do when you need EndNote open?

    It's as useful as saying something like "to avoid the problem, use a different word processing software".

  • I wonder if my problem is slightly different than yours, but like everyone else, turning of EN CWYW is not an option.  However, I am pretty sure that this only happens when you leave your cursor in a comment bubble.  If i can manage to remind myself not to sit in a comment, I don't have this problem. It's not a fix, but a work-around...

  • I have to agree with other posters that the proposed solutions are awful, and even now that EndNote is on X6, this hasn't been fixed. The real solution is to move to Office 2013 (available as a preview download now). It has a reference manager built in - we no longer need EndNote.

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