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IE9 download manager freeze at 99% and “1 sec remaining”

IE9 download manager freeze at 99% and “1 sec remaining”

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Recently some customers reported that sometimes downloads seem to hang at “1 sec remaining” and 99% in the new IE9 download manager.

Actually the files seem to be complete as renaming the “.partial” files seems to work.

There are several things that you can try to mitigate this:

1)Open Internet Explorer (IE) in no add-ons mode and check if that fixes the issue.


To start Internet Explorer without add-ons,


a. Click the Start button, and selectAll Programs.

b. Click Accessories, and selectSystem Tools.

c. Click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

2) Anti-virus or Anti-Spyware programs are blocking it. Before downloading anything, ensure you trust the website where the download is from and the download is not containing virus.  Disable AntiVirus temporarily, and try to download something. If downloading is working now, it means the Anti Virus application is blocking it, you may contact the vendor of A/V for further help.

3) Ensure you have enough free disk space.

4) Ensure you are keeping the tab which launched the download open.  For example, it may be triggered when you are going to a site full of videos, right clicking a video and clicking “Save Target As”, then closing the tab before the download can complete, If you keep the tab open, it will complete successfully.

Edit: This issue was fixed in  IE9 security rollup package released on June 14th. More details here:

 5) Finally, you can rename the “.partial” files which are 99% because actually the files are complete.

  • What use is there for a download manager if you have to keep the tabs open. I cannot believe problems like this get past the testing phase.

  • Useless browser, I regret updating. Back to firefox for me. What a disappointment.

  • I'm afraid I have to agree. Disable AV when that it also a MS product? Cannot save an MS Security Bulletin as mhtml in IE9. Cannot open mhtml files in IE9 which were saved in IE9. Cannot rely on a file download actually completing.Then blame it all on add-ons.

  • Hi, please send us the detailed error information so that we can help you.

  • stupid question, but how do I disable Anti-Virus?

  • @gremlin79, You should contact the vendor of Anti-Virus.

  • This isn't fix... bye bye ie9

  • Surely disabling anti-virus is worst advice ever for downloading files from the Internet. In my case leaving tab open/disabling or using no add-ons mode has any affect. Happy to provide more details about cause of this problem, some details here

    while it is true AV cause this issue, some other browsers do not have this issue, and filename can be immediately renamed after download. maybe a few tries before failing or something. IE9 download manager could be fixed to prevent this.

  • This fix did not work, I have now downloaded Chrome and it works a treat.

    Microsoft sort our your support as this answer is lame...

    Not only did I try this prior to using your lame support, it did not work.

    Bring on Andriod OS.

  • I have this same problem. Downloads with IE9 frequently will freeze at 99%. Has nothing to do with disk space or antivirus. Even small downloads less than 1mb are subject to this bug. Only thing that fixes it is restarting the download. This makes IE9 unreliable for anyone who downloads multiple files at a time.

    IE8 does not have this issue.

    Microsoft needs to address this as people with this issue are posting all over the internet

  • Same here, never had any problems downloading anything with previous versions of O.S. and IE but with Win 7 and IE 9 it fails at least 25% of the time.

    Useless at it is now.

  • The problem occurs despite trying all suggested fixes. It leaves a reidue file in the download location that must be removed!

  • I'm not sure you guys even read the article: the files are fully downloaded. The bug is that the download manager thinks it's stuck at 99%. I even had a stuck download at 100% this week. It doesn't matter: the downloads are complete. Renaming the files does the trick.

    I have to agree that blaming anti-virus or add-ons is pathetic though: it's an IE bug, period. Go fix it.

  • ie9...bye bye...dont want to work this hard...ill never use microsoft again

  • This is just ridiculous that in this day and age, a major software giant like Microsoft is still cranking out crap that hangs like a picture on the wall. If I have to do anything to correctly achieve a download besides start the bloody download then it's a FAIL....

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