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Blog of Microsoft Premier Field Engineer Ashley McGlone featuring PowerShell scripts for Active Directory.

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  • Blog Post: DNS Zone Copy and Merge with PowerShell

    Have you ever wanted to roll up all of your reverse zones into a "big 10" super zone? Do you need to copy DNS zones between environments and preserve the record aging? Today's post is for you. Author’s note: While flying home on a Friday night this blog post was mostly composed...
  • Blog Post: A Dickens of a DNS Puzzle: How to clean up those stale AD site DNS records (with PowerShell of course)

    Typically DNS scavenging takes care of old DNS records, and that is the recommended path of resolution. For those who choose not to use scavenging, this post may be of some assistance. Frequently when I visit customers I find a graveyard down in the DNS tree where stale AD sites live like the ghost...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell Script To Combine DNS Zones

    Have you ever wanted to consolidate or merge duplicate primary DNS zones? This is a common scenario that I find, and usually it is related to reverse zones. This script functionality is similar to the DNSExporter tool, but it is much simpler to use. See the script for syntax and notes. # --------...