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October, 2012

  • AD Group History Mystery: PowerShell v3 REPADMIN

    After speaking about SID history and token size at PowerShell Saturday last month an attendee approached me with a common concern.  I was so excited to code the answer that I did it in the airport on the way home.

    Joe User has been with the company for 23 years and has accumulated more group memberships than the entire desktop support team.  Joe has rotated through five different departments during his career and managed to survive all of the layoffs.  As a result he has access to every share in the company.  Even worse his access token is so big that it won’t fit through the door.

    We would love to clean up his group memberships, but we have no way of knowing when he was added to all these groups.  If we could see the dates he joined those groups it would give us a clue about removing just the older group memberships.  Without this information his token will continue to bloat.

    Time for some AD PowerShell v3 goodness!

    PS - I'm also going to give you a handy chart showing PowerShell equivalents for REPADMIN in AD PowerShell v3.