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Blog of Microsoft Premier Field Engineer Ashley McGlone featuring PowerShell scripts for Active Directory.

September, 2012

  • Freaky neat Active Directory site links with PowerShell

    Today's post will help you clean up site link descriptions and give you some nice reporting capability.  Some folks like to set their site link description field to list each of the member sites in the link. If that is you, then you'll love this script.  Today's script enumerates all of the member sites in a site link and then concatenates their names into the description of the site link.  Also, it will make a note in the description for any site links that have change notification enabled.  Now that's handy!  There is also a bonus site reporting script in the download attached.

  • Active Directory PowerShell Notes From The Field

    Today I have the privilege of speaking at the second-ever PowerShell Saturday event.  As a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer I get to meet many customers and help them with their Active Directory and PowerShell needs. I’ve taken some of that experience and wrapped it into a presentation called Active Directory PowerShell Notes From The Field.

    The session includes these four topics:

    1. Using Active Directory PowerShell to find schema update history
    2. Using PowerShell to migrate DNS zones
    3. Using Active Directory PowerShell to remediate token size issues caused by SID history
    4. A brief look at what’s new in Active Directory PowerShell v3

    These notes from the field come from scripting that I've done to assist customers with real-world needs.  The purpose of the session is to demonstrate the power of PowerShell for automating Active Directory solutions for every-day scenarios AND to inspire you to learn PowerShell.  To help with the learning part I have included several resources here for your reading pleasure.

    Attached to the bottom of this post you will find a file containing the DNS sample code and a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation.