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January, 2012

  • Everything you need to get started with Group Policy

    My last post on getting started with Active Directory was so popular that I thought I would do one for getting started with Group Policy.  Once again this link list will satisfy everyone from beginner to advanced.  I know there are many other third party resources and books, but I want to surface some Microsoft white papers and articles that may not always be obvious.  Enjoy!

  • How to find AD schema update history using PowerShell

    This article is for all of the IT Pros who have inherited an Active Directory environment which they did not build.  Today's post offers some simple scripts to document the history of schema updates.  This is particularly handy when it comes time to extend the schema for a domain upgrade or Exchange implementation.  Now you can get a report of every attribute's create and modified date.  You can also find out if and when third party extensions have been applied.

  • Everything you need to get started with Active Directory

    As a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer I frequently get asked for more information on Active Directory topics.  Most of the time I end up passing along one or more of the links in today's post.  This list will be extremely valuable for anyone who wants to get started with Active Directory or even for a seasoned AD admin who wants to go deeper.