July, 2010

  • TechNet Summer Campaign

    Have you seen our TechNet summer campaign?


    The first part of the campaign is about cloud computing:
    Check out the Dutch Cloud computing and the French Cloud Computing campaign

    The second part of the campaign is about SharePoint 2010:
    We have content for the SharePoint 2007 Expert as for a SharePoint novice.
    Check out the Dutch SharePoint and French SharePoint campaign


  • Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal 2.0 Release Candidate

    imageVMMSSP (also referred to as the self-service portal) is a fully supported, partner-extensible solution built on top of Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V, and System Center VMM. You can use it to pool, allocate, and manage resources to offer infrastructure as a service and to deliver the foundation for a private cloud platform inside your datacenter. VMMSSP includes a pre-built web-based user interface that has sections for both the datacenter managers and the business unit IT consumers, with role-based access control. VMMSSP also includes a dynamic provisioning engine. VMMSSP reduces the time needed to provision infrastructures and their components by offering business unit “on-boarding,” infrastructure request and change management. The VMMSSP package also includes detailed guidance on how to implement VMMSSP inside your environment.
    Important: VMMSSP is not an upgrade to the existing VMM 2008 R2 self-service portal. You can choose to deploy and use one or both self-service portals depending on your requirements.
    The self-service portal provides the following features that are exposed through a web-based user interface:

    • Configuration and allocation of datacenter resources: Store management and configuration information related to compute, network and storage resources as assets in the VMMSSP database.
    • Customization of virtual machine actions: Provide a simple web-based interface to extend the default virtual machine actions; for example, you can add scripts that interact with Storage Area Networks for rapid deployment of virtual machines.
    • Business unit on-boarding: Standardized forms and a simple workflow for registering and approving or rejecting business units to enroll in the portal.
    • Infrastructure request and change management: Standardized forms and human-driven workflow that results in reducing the time needed to provision infrastructures in your environment.
    • Self-Service provisioning: Supports bulk creation of virtual machines on provisioned infrastructure through the web-based interface.Helps business units to manage their virtual machines based on delegated roles.


  • TechNet Magazine July edition online

    ff817050_Green_IT(en-us,TechNet_10)Contrary to what Kermit says (you know you get that reference), it can be easy being green, and you can do so without going overboard with spending or crazy new initiatives that otherwise wouldn’t make sense if they weren’t considered part of the green spectrum. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to reduce your carbon footprint. You don’t have to completely rearrange your IT infrastructure. You can simply continue to do some of the things you were already doing to save money. Read more…

    Featured Articles
    Going Green – Does Your Company Care?
    Take a good look at your organizations’ priorities and policies, and you may discover you're going green just by trying to save some green.

    Is Greener Always Better?
    The green trap is real. Going green with your IT environment requires a clear set of goals, target metrics and execution.

  • Screencast series on Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 5.0

    One of my colleagues created a 6 part screencast on how to use MAP.

    The MAP toolkit has been around for years.  MAP is a powerful inventory, assessment, and reporting tool that can securely run in small or large IT environments without requiring the installation of agent software on any computers or devices.
    The new version, MAP 5.0, has some exciting new features to help with discovery and software usage.

    In this screencasts series we take a quick tour of MAP 5.0. :

    To learn more about MAP please take a look at the following:

  • Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 5.0 Now Available

    The Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 5.0 is an agentless tool designed to simplify and streamline the IT infrastructure planning process across multiple scenarios through network-wide automated discovery and assessments. This Solution Accelerator performs an inventory of heterogeneous server environments and provides you with usage information for servers in the Core CAL Suite and SQL Server, SQL Server 2008 discovery and assessment for consolidation, Windows 2000 Server migration assessment, and a readiness assessment for the most widely used Microsoft technologies—now including Office 2010.

    What's new with MAP Toolkit 5.0?

    • Heterogeneous server environment inventory
    • Software usage tracking for Windows Server, SharePoint Server, System Center Configuration Manager, Exchange Server, and SQL Server
    • Microsoft Office 2010 readiness assessment
    • SQL Server discovery and assessment for consolidation
    • Windows 2000 Server migration assessment

    Download the MAP Toolkit 5.0 now:
    Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 5.0