April, 2010

  • TechNet Magazine – April 2010 Edition


    Windows 7 Security: Tips and Tricks to Help Protect Your OS

    Go beyond the basic security strategies for securing your computers with these tips and tricks to help you better utilize the security features of Windows 7. Learn how to recover BitLocker, to use BitLocker To Go and to configure AppLocker policies.

    SharePoint Security: The Fundamentals of Securing SharePoint Deployments

    Configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for optimal security by securing the individual SharePoint server components.  Brien Posey walks through securing the SQL Server database, properly securing the service accounts and the importance of naming conventions.

    Data Protection: Backup Basics in Windows Server 2008 R2

    Try your hand at using the new set of backup tools with Windows Server 2008 R2. We start with installing the new backup features and walk through creating a backup job. Then see how to restore data using the Recovery Wizard, and use the WBADMIN.EXE and Windows PowerShell command line tools for creating backup jobs.

  • ProExchange UG event: “Migrations and Consolidations”

    Old versions of Exchange? Notes? GroupWise? Sametime? Make the move with Quest.

    With more than 20 million mailboxes and users migrated, Quest has the experience to simplify and accelerate Exchange and OCS migrations and consolidations for IT with less risk to business operations. Make smart decisions regarding capacity in the new environment. Measure performance and report on the migration’s progress. Move mailboxes and eliminate public folders, as well as protect your users from accidentally deleted mailboxes and data. Ensure collaboration with ZeroIMPACT™ to end-users whether migrating on-premises or to Exchange Online.”

    May 6th – 18:30

    Regus Pegasus Park
    Pegasuslaan 5

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  • TechDays 2010 sessions published

    pict 496

    We’ve just finished uploading all the slide decks and video’s to the TechDays 2010 site.

    Go to the site and select “videos” this will launch the silverlight application where you can search for sessions or speakers.

    In the description of each session you will find the following iconsimage one is to download the slide decks the other one is to watch the session online.

    If you need to download any of these sessions you need to go to our edge site. http://edge.technet.com/belux


  • TechNet Event: Best of Microsoft Management Summit 2010

    Best of Microsoft Management Summit 2010

    Best of MMS 2010 will provide the opportunity to learn more about IT Management solutions from Microsoft and how you can adopt them in your datacenter. MMS is an annual event in Las Vegas where we deliver deep technical content on our latest management solution offering.

    In a year packed with new management product releases, MMS 2010 will provide the latest technical updates on Desktop, Datacenter, Device and Cloud management features and solutions from Microsoft. This year 5 of our Belgian Experts from the System Center User Group will attend this event and bring back all the valuable information and present them to the Belgian IT Professionals.

    You have the choice to either attend this event in person or follow it by using live-meeting.

    Agenda of the day

    • Overview of announcements made at MMS in Las Vegas
    • System Center Configuration Manager vNext
    • The top 20 “Must Have “ customizations in Operations Manager
    • Introduction into Opalis
    • What’s new and what changed in Data Protection Manager 2010
    • What to Expect from Service Manager
    • Technical Overview of System Center Essentials 2010

    Full Agenda

    May 11, 2010

    Microsoft Office
    Da Vincilaan 3
    1935 Zaventem

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  • SQLUG Event: What is SCOM 2007 R2 and how can it help in managing SQL Servers.

    What is SCOM 2007 R2 and how can it help in managing SQL Servers.

    Managing SQL Server requires insight in the state and performance of the underlying infrastructure, OS and individual SQL components.
    System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 cannot only give you that insight, but it can be reused in a broader application/service monitoring view.
    This session focuses on the out-of-the-box capabilities of System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 but also shows you how a distributed application can easily reuse these capabilities to provide an extra step in monitoring.

    Registration is now open at http://sqlug.be/nextevent

  • TechNet Event: Identity & Access Management with Forefront

    During this half day event you will learn more about the Microsoft Identity and Access Management portfolio. We will kick off the event with a talk delivered by Kim Cameron, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect of Identity.


    Kim will take us to a wider identity conversation. Henk Den Baes will dive into the needs and IT challenges that Identity and Access management brings and how Forefront Identity Manager tackles these. In the last session Federico will give a technical overview of Forefront Identity Manager with live demos.
    Agenda of the day:

    “Wider Identity Conversation”

    “Microsoft Identity & Access Management: Business Needs and IT Challenges”

    “Forefront Identity Manager 2010: From Identity Synchronization to Identity Management.”



    May 3, 2010





    Living Tomorrow
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  • Manage your Virtualized infrastructure with System Center Essentials 2010

    I often get the question if you can use System Center Essentials 2010 (SCE) to manage your Virtual Infrastructure. The answer depends on how many virtual machines you want to manage today and in the future. SCE 2010 includes Virtual Machine management but only a subset of the capabilities of System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Let’s have a look at the differences:


    Essentials 2010





    VM Cloning



    Candidate Identification



    Physical to Virtual Conversion



    Virtual to Virtual Conversion



    Migration across physical machines



    Virtualization Reports



    Monitoring VMs



    Physical resource optimization (PRO)









    VM configuration & properties



    VM state



    Checkpoints (Snapshots)



    64 bit guest OS



    Hardware Assisted Virtualization



    Live thumbnail



    Synthetic Network Support



    Import VM (multiple VHD + snapshot)



    Configure advanced network settings



    Inspect Disk



    VMWare Management



    Self-service console



    If you don’t need VMWare management and the self service portal you will be able to use SC2010.

    There is also the licensing aspect that you need to take into consideration:

    Licensing for Managed Virtual Machines in Essentials 2010
    Essentials 2010 is licensed per device. Only physical computers consume server or client management licenses and are required to have a license. However, Essentials is limited to managing up to 50 server operating system environments and 500 client operating system environments. For example, you might have purchased licenses to manage 20 physical servers, are managing all 20 physical servers, and are also managing 30 virtual servers. Because you are managing 50 server operating system environments, you cannot manage any additional physical or virtual servers.

    In conclusion you can manage 50 servers being Virtual or Physical and you only need to license your physical servers.

    Watch the What's New with System Center Essentials 2010 webcast for more information.

  • TechDays 2010 – Compilation video

    With the TechDays behind us we are now working hard to publish the sessions onto the Belux Edge platform.

    We’ve already published the keynote last week. Today you can enjoy a compilation video of the TechDays 2010.

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  • Forefront Threat Management Gateway - Technisch Overzicht

    Gesteund door de geïntegreerde Stirling beveiligingssuite en TMG’s geavanceerde beveiligingsfeatures krijgen organisaties geïntegreerde beveiliging die werkt in de praktijk.

    In deze sessie presenteren we de voordelen van deze geïntegreerde aanpak en gaan we dieper in op de belangrijkste features en de ‘high level’ architectuur.

    Bekijk de sessie hier of ga naar de Belux Edge pagina.

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  • TechNet Live Meeting - Forefront Threat Management Gateway - Technisch overzicht – Q & A

    I’m cleaning up my mailbox and I came across this Q&A from one of the TechNet livemeetings. (It’s in Dutch)


    URL categorisatie ook voor Belgische (Europese) sites ?

    Ja, je kunt dit nagaan op http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/mrs/

    Zijn er quota's mogelijk voor bandbreedte en/of voor data volume (per dag, maand,...) ? cfr. slide 64

    Er zijn mogelijkheden om quota op te zetten, maar dit is eerder bedoeld voor flooding tegen te gaan. Meer info hierover vind je op http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc995196.aspx

    Geen Exchange 2010 support: wil dit zeggen, ook geen OWA publishing, POP3 en IMAP?

    OWA voor 2010 is gesupporteerd, meer info op http://www.isaserver.org/tutorials/Publishing-Outlook-Web-Access-Microsoft-Forefront-TMG.html

    Kan UAG werken met een hardware token (BV: Aladin) ?

    Ja; Out of the box UAG Server is able to work with a lot of authentication vendors such as RSA Security, Vasco, Swivel, ActivCard & Aladdin. It also works with numerous authentication systems and protocols such as Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP, NTLM, Lotus Domino, PKI and TACACS+

    Is het mogelijk om nog gebruik te maken van de ex2007 edge die in TMG zit op een machine waar uag opstaat?


    Waar plaats je de TMG server best fysisch in het netwerk?

    Info hierover vind je op http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd896975.aspx

    Kan je de TMG upgraden naar UAG?


    Werkt de url filtering in TMG ook als je TMG als transparante proxy (def gw) gebruikt ?

    In the case of transparent proxying, TMG first looks for a host in the host header, and if not found, forwards the IP to MRS. No reverse lookups.

    Blijft voor TMG de licentie per processor?

    Licensing is per-socket; not per-core.

  • BizTalk Server 2010 Name Change

    Q: Why was the original name for the release BizTalk Server 2009 R2?

    BizTalk Server 2009 R2 was planned to be a focused release to deliver support for Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2 and Visual Studio 2010. Aligning BizTalk releases to core server platform releases is very important for our customers. Hence our original plan was to name the release as BizTalk Server 2009 R2.

    Q: Why did Microsoft decide to change the name for BizTalk Server 2009 R2 to BizTalk Server 2010?

    Over past year we got lot of feedback from our key customers and decided to incorporate few key asks from our customers in this release. Based on customer value we are delivering and positive feedback we are getting from our early adopter customers we feel the release has transitioned from minor release (BizTalk Server 2009 R2) to a major release (BizTalk Server 2010).

    Following is list of key capabilities we have added to the release

    1. Enhanced trading partner management that will enable our customers to manage complex B2B relationships with ease

    2. Increase productivity through enhanced BizTalk Mapper. These enhancements are critical in increasing productivity in both EAI and B2B solutions; and a favorite feature of our customers.

    3. Enable secure data transfer across business partners with FTPS adapter

    4. Updated adapters for SAP 7, Oracle eBusiness Suite 12.1, SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2

    5. Improved and simplified management with updated System Center management pack

    6. Simplified management through single dashboard which enables IT Pros to backup and restore BizTalk configuration

    7. Enhanced performance tuning capabilities at Host and Host Instance level

    8. Continued innovation in RFID Space with out of box event filtering and delivery of RFID events

    Q: Is there any additional benefit to customers with name change to BizTalk Server 2010?

    In addition to all the great value the release provides, customers will benefit from support window being reset to 10 years (5 years mainstream and 5 years extended support). This highlights Microsoft’s long term commitment to BizTalk Server product.

  • TechDays 2010: IT Pro Keynote – IT in a transformative time, how can we change the game

    Keynote Luc

    2010 will definitely be the year of the cloud. During the keynote you will hear about the continuum of cloud services spanning from Iaas to Saas that Microsoft is offering and that will allow organizations to move between cloud computing models with the confidence that their existing investments in their datacenter are safe, and can be leveraged in this new paradigm. Existing applications and services will be able to move to the private or public cloud without the need to learn unproven technologies or introduce unnecessary complexity.

    In the second part of the keynote you’ll see how you can increase user productivity by implementing the Microsoft stack

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    Speaker: Luc Van De Velde – DPE Director Microsoft Belgium

    Guest Speakers: Tony Krijnen, Daniel Van Soest and Arlindo Alves – IT Pro Evangelists Microsoft