January, 2010

  • Techdays: Opalis session in the IT Pro track

    I’ve just added a new Opalis session in the IT Pro track.

    IT Process Automation with System Center and Opalis
    In this session OpsMgr MVP Maarten Goet  will talk about how IT Process Automation or Run Book Automation (RBA) can orchestrate tasks across systems and automate large volume or highly repetitive tasks. Maarten will demo the Opalis integration server integration with Operations Manager 2007 R2 and Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2. Get a hands-on approach with this session how to drive down cost through automation and improve service performance and availability through standardizing process and execution.

    Check out the TechDays session builder and filter on IT Pro tags so you have a clear view on the different Infrastructure related sessions.

  • Internet Explorer 8 Security features

    In deze korte screencast bespreekt Paul Loonen (MVP ILM) een aantal van de security features die in IE8 zijn toegevoegd of verbeterd.

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  • Beveiligingsverbeteringen in Windows 7 en Windows Server 2008 R2

    imageIn deze sessie belicht Windows beveiligingsexpert Paul Loonen de essentiële beveiligingsfeatures van Windows 7 en het beheer ervan in een bedrijfsomgeving. Enkele van de vele verbeterde functies die in deze sessie aan bod komen, zijn de wijzigingen aan UAC, de Software Restriction Policies, de verbetering van Bitlocker, wat Managed Service Accounts zijn, welke verbeteringen er aan Kerberos werden aangebracht en hoe NTLM beperken.

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  • Améliorations au plan de la sécurité dans Windows 7 et Windows Server 2008 R2


    Au cours de cette session, Paul Loonen, expert de la sécurité Windows, débattra des principales fonctions de sécurité de Windows 7 et expliquera comment les gérer à l’échelle d’une entreprise. Vous découvrirez notamment les changements au niveau de l’UAC, l’évolution des  Software Restriction Policies, les perfectionnements apportés à Bitlocker, l’utilité des Managed Service Accounts, les modifications de Kerberos et comment limiter NTLM.

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  • The Evolution of communication


  • TechNet Livemeeting tenue en Avril


    What's new in SQL Server 2008 R2?  - English Session

    SQL Server 2008 R2 expands SQL Server 2008 with a wide range of new features and possibilities of which your whole organisation can benefit. This release improves the efficiency of IT with new management possibilities and motivates professional users to gather, integrate, analyze and share information, while using the well-known business intelligence tools. During this session Frederik will present the new features of SQL Server 2008 R2, while using some demos.


       image  20 Avril – 10:00  Inscription

    TechNet Live Meeting - Haute disponibilité dans Exchange 2010

    Présentation du Database Availability Group et initiation à la manière dont Exchange 2010 permet de profiter d’une haute disponibilité en ne déployant que deux serveurs.


       image  22 Avril – 10:00  Inscription

  • TechNet Livemeetings in Januari en Februari

    TechNet-webcasts zijn live-uitzendingen van 60 tot 90 minuten met interactieve technische presentaties, productdemonstraties en vraag-en-antwoordsessies die worden gepresenteerd door een deskundige op het gebied van Microsoft-technologie, uit de industrie of beide. Alle inhoud wordt opgenomen en op aanvraag beschikbaar gesteld.


    Beveiligingsverbeteringen in Windows 7 en Windows Server 2008 R2
    image In deze sessie belicht Windows beveiligingsexpert Paul Loonen de essentiële beveiligingsfeatures van Windows 7 en het beheer ervan in een bedrijfsomgeving. Enkele van de vele verbeterde functies die in deze sessie aan bod komen, zijn de wijzigingen aan UAC, de Software Restriction Policies, de verbetering van Bitlocker, wat Managed Service Accounts zijn, welke verbeteringen er aan Kerberos werden aangebracht en hoe NTLM beperken.

       image 26 Januari – 14:00  Inschrijven

    Hoe kan je Windows 7 en Windows 2008 R2 installaties automatiseren?
    image Tijdens deze livemeeting zullen we u tonen hoe u aan de hand van onze bestaande tools zoals “Microsoft Deployment toolkit” en de “Windows Deployment Services” heel snel Windows 7 en Windows Server 2008 R2 kan installeren. Verder gaan we dieper in op de “boot from VHD” functionaliteit.
    U zal ook merken dat we in Windows 7 en Windows Server 2008 R2 nieuwe mogelijkheden hebben om de installatie te vergemakkelijken en automatiseren.

    image 04 Februari – 14:00   Inschrijven

    Vereenvoudig het management van uw SQL Server 2008 Data Platform
    image In deze sessie bekijken we de management kant van Microsoft SQL Server 2008 en gaan we dieper in op de uitdagingen waarvoor database beheerders staan.
    Topics die we zullen behandelen zijn onder meer: het managen van complexe en high-value taken, proactieve monitoring en tuning van de gezondheid van uw systeem, schaalbaarheidsmanagement voor meerdere data centers, en inzicht verwerven in historische trends en real-time activiteiten.

    image 11 Februari – 14:00  Inschrijven

    Forefront Threat Management Gateway - Technisch overzicht
    image Deze sessie geeft een overzicht op de Forefront TMG - en de Forefront UAG features. Gesteund door de geïntegreerde Stirling beveiligingssuite en TMG’s geavanceerde beveiligingsfeatures krijgen organisaties geïntegreerde beveiliging die werkt in de praktijk. In deze sessie presenteren we de voordelen van deze geïntegreerde aanpak en gaan we dieper in op de belangrijkste features en de ‘high level’ architectuur. Daarnaast wordt ook ingegaan op de mogelijkheden binnen UAG zoals directe toegang, het publiceren van applicaties en veelvoudige authenticatie methoden.

    image 18 Februari – 14:00 Inschrijven

  • TechDays 2010: Deep dive Security and Active Directory sessions with John Craddock


    With this post I want to put John Craddock one of the main speakers at the event in the Spotlight. John is a well known speaker and he delivered some amazing sessions at the latest TechEd 2009 conference. As track-owner for TechEd I worked with John onto the Direct Access sessions he delivered there.

    Because these sessions where so successful I wanted to bring them at the TechDays as well. Lets see what John will be delivering at the Belgian TechDays:

    DirectAccess Technical Drilldown, Part 1 of 2: IPv6 and Transition Technologies
    Take a sprinkling of Windows 7, add Windows Server 2008 R2, IPv6 and IPsec and you have a solution that will allow direct access to your corporate network without the need for VPNs. Come to these demo-rich sessions and learn how to integrate DirectAccess into your environment. In Part 1 learn about IPv6 addressing, host configuration and transitioning technologies including 6to4, ISATAP, Teredo and IPHTTPS. Through a series of demos learn how to build an IPv6 Network and interoperate with IPv4 networks and hosts. In Part 2 we add the details of IPSec, and components that are only available with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to build the DirectAccess infrastructure. Learn how to control access to corporate resources and manage Internet connected PCs through group policy. Part 1 is highly recommended as a prerequisite for Part 2.

    This is a level 400 sessions that I highly recommend to the attendees.

    Recovery of Active Directory Deleted Objects and the Windows Server 2008 R2 Recycle Bin
    Oops, it just happened again! Important directory objects have just been deleted. Can we restore the objects while the system remains online? Come to this technical drilldown to learn about the lifecycle of a directory object from being live in the system to the point where it is eaten up by the garbage collector. See how a deleted object can be reanimated and the additional work that is required to fully recover all of the attributes; discover the challenges of multi-valued linked attributes. Learn how to activate the recycle bin in Windows Server 2008 R2 and the changes that are made to an object's lifecycle. See how individual objects and object hierarchies can be recovered online. Lots of demos!

    Another Level 400 session from John’s hand.

    What's Windows Server 2008 R2 Going to Do for Your Active Directory?
    Windows Server 2008 R2 is here, with new tools and utilities for the directory service IT pro to help you manage and maximise the potential of your Active Directory. What's going to be your favourite new feature? Maybe it's the Best Practice Analyser that will scan your infrastructure and point out both compliant and noncompliant aspects of your environment together with suggestions for improvements. Do you want tools to simplify your day-to-day management of the AD? There's a new kid on the block, the Active Directory Administrative Center. Built on Windows PowerShell technology it provides a rich GUI allowing you to perform common Active Directory tasks through both data-driven and task-driven navigation. Not a GUI fan? Then R2 brings you more than 85 PowerShell Cmdlets to allow you to manage, diagnose, and automate AD tasks from the command-line or PowerShell scripts.
    Maybe your favourite will be the recycle bin allowing you to recover deleted objects while the directory is online or the ability to perform offline domain join allowing you to streamline your deployments. There are more choices, come to this high-energy, fast paced, demo rich presentation and get all the details

    Next week I will talk about some of the sessions that will be delivered by our local MVP’s Tom Decaluwe and Kim Oppalfens

  • TechDays 2010 Preconference: Exchange 2010 in Depth


    Learn Exchange 2010 in Depth

    The second Pre-conference for IT Pro’s will be one covering Exchange 2010. During this full day of training you will learn everything you want to know on how to deploy and manage an Exchange 2010 infrastructure. This session will be delivered by Ilse Van Criekinge who was the top speaker at last years event. Next to Ilse we will also have Scott Schnoll who is a well-known speaker and spoken at many events all over the world.

    Register today to benefit from the early bird pricing and save 15%

    Exchange 2010 Client Side: What’s new talking about Client Access? In this session you will be introduced to the Client Access server role, which is one of five distinct server roles for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. You will see how it enables support for Outlook Web App and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync client applications, and the Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) and Internet Message Access Protocol version 4rev1 (IMAP4) protocols, in addition to how it provides access to free/busy data by using the Availability service and enables certain clients to download automatic configuration settings from the Autodiscover service. After attending this session you will understand the Client Access server role, know how to manage and secure the Client Access server role, provide high availability, and use the power of Exchange Web Services.

    Exchange High Availability
    This session includes an overview of mailbox resiliency in Exchange 2010, and a deep dive into the inner workings of new features such as database availability groups, mailbox database copies, continuous replication, active manager, and more. It also covers several design examples for in-datacenter high availability and site resilience.

    Managing Exchange 2010
    Exchange Server 2010 includes new capabilities that make the operation of your Exchange environment more efficient. Come and learn how we've made the Exchange Management Console more powerful, extended the reach of PowerShell, made it easier to delegate management tasks, and built Web-based tools to make the job of managing Exchange easier than ever.

    Exchange Performance/Scalability
    Selecting the right server hardware for an Exchange 2010 deployment becomes much easier when you know the product team's scalability and performance guidelines. This session provides a look at the product team's guidance for the processor and memory requirements of each server role in Exchange 2010. A number of key performance enhancements from this release are discussed, and you also learn about how to use related tools like the Exchange Mailbox Server Requirements Calculator, Exchange Profile Analyzer, Loadgen, and Jetstress to take the guesswork out of server sizing.

    Exchange Information Protection & Control (including RBAC)
    Worried about employees accidentally leaking valuable corporate e-mail? This session introduces new methods of information protection and control powered by Exchange Server 2010, including new transport rule for moderation, dynamic signatures and application of rights management. A discussion of the use of Active Directory Rights Management Service in parallel with Exchange is included, as well as an introduction to how these new features can be applied to real-world messaging control scenarios.


    Next week I will talk about some of the sessions I’ve accepted so far. Keep an eye on the blog because we have excellent content coming to you.

  • Get trained with the TechNet “Get Ready” sessions


    Get Ready Sessions are 1 day level 200-300 technical trainings given by top level speakers, generally acknowledged as experts in their field. The sessions are organized by Microsoft Partners, more specifically Certified Partners Learning Solutions (CPLS), warranting a high quality learning experience for the trainees.

    The participating Microsoft Partners are Devoteam/Guidance, Global Knowledge, InfoSupport, Ordina and U2U. Below is an overview of the different topics for which each Partner is organizing Get Ready Sessions.


    Here is a list of upcoming “Get Ready” Sessions:

    Feb 9

    Get Ready Session: SQL Server 2008 infrastructure
    The ideal start for any IT professional who wants to know everything about
    managing a SQL Server 2008 infrastructure. This one day seminar is provided by the best trainers from the Microsoft Certified Learning Solutions Partners. No loose collection of topics but a solid base of information on new management functionality in SQL Server 2008.

    Infosupport http://www.infosupport.com/Training/CursusInfo/GRSQL08

    Feb 11

    Get Ready Session: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
    This Microsoft Get Ready session by U2U covers the new features in Exchange Server 2010 compared to Exchange Server 2007. Topics: Exchange Server 2010 design goals. Client access features. Message policy and compliance features. Unified messaging features. Federated sharing. Message transport features. Mailbox server features
    U2U http://www.u2u.be/CoursePage.aspx?CODE=UEXP10

    Feb 19

    Get Ready Session: Windows 7 : The Next Generation Windows Collaborative Platform: An Opportunity To Optimize Your Desktop Service
    In this demonstrations-packed session, Devoteam experts will show you how to bring your desktop service to new levels of operational excellence. DevoTeam experts will demonstrate how to integrate the latest Microsoft desktop technologies, highlighting how they really change the migration game, improve your service levels, and lower the client platform TCO




    Feb 24

    Server Virtualisation: Building Your Virtualisation Infrastructure Using Hyper-V and SCVMM
    Discover the benefits of the virtualization capabilities in Windows Server 2008 R2 and System Center. Take advantage of the cost savings of virtualization through Windows Server 2008 R2. Optimize your server hardware investments by consolidating multiple server roles using server virtualisation, efficiently run multiple different operating systems in parallel and fully leverage the power of x64 computing.
    Guidance/Devoteam TBC

    Feb 26

    Get Ready Session: SharePoint 2010
    This Microsoft Get Ready session by U2U gives you an overview on what is new in SharePoint 2010, for Power Users, Developers and Administrators. Topics: SharePoint 2010 Overview What’s new in the SharePoint User Interface List and Document Management Improvements Introducing SharePoint Designer 2010 The new Business Connectivity Services (BCS) What is new in InfoPath 2010 SharePoint Workspace 2010 Introducing the SharePoint Development Platform What are Sandboxed Solutions? The new Client Object Models LINQ and REST in SharePoint 2010 Building Web Parts with Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint 2010 Administration Overview
    U2U http://www.u2u.be/CoursePage.aspx?CODE=UGSP10

    March 12

    Get Ready Session: Exchange 2010
    Since its early conception, Exchange Server has been one of the world's favourite email server platforms. Now with a whole new level of 64bit architecture Exchange 2010 provides a fully unified messaging and communications platform.

    With world class email, voice, data and fax Exchange 2007 delivers enterprise class services with improved speed, storage growth, manageability and security. In this Get Ready Seminar you will discover what's hot and what's not in Exchange 2010, so make sure you sign up to this exclusive one day session!!!

    Global Knowledge http://www.globalknowledge.be/Default.aspx?page=461&coursecode=GKEXCH2010

    More to come as soon as we have launched the official TechNet “Get Ready” site.

  • TechDays 2010 Preconference: BI with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Office System 2010


    BI with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Office System 2010

    We will examine an end-to-end approach to building and delivering a BI solution using the Microsoft BI platform. We will focus on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Office System 2010, in particular on PowerPivot, SharePoint 2010, and PerformancePoint Services. To make this seminar easier and more pleasant to follow we have structured the first half to focus on the concepts of BI and the knowledge worker and the second half to focus on underlying technologies.

    Register today to benefit from the early bird pricing and save 15%

    Session1: The Big Picture of Business Intelligence: Goals, Concepts, and the Platform
    This session will introduce the overall picture of Business Intelligence and will relate the Microsoft BI Platform to it. Fundamental concepts, such as Master Data Management, Data Warehousing, Self-service Analysis, Dimensions, Facts, and Measures will be introduced, too. Technology, stressing the newly released products, will be briefly discussed and the overall road ahead will be outlined.

    Session2: The Knowledge Worker’s Perspective: Self-Service of BI
    The most demanded and the fastest growing form of BI is the self-service, personal BI. This session will concentrate on how Office System 2010, in particular SharePoint 2010 and its PerformancePoint Services enable anyone to create and use BI in an organisation. We will also introduce the very new Microsoft PowerPivot stressing how existing Excel skills enable self-service analysis by intermediate and more advanced users. We will also mention other self-service aspects of BI, such as self-service reporting. This session will also discuss the IT Professional challenge of managing the life cycle of a potentially fast, organically growing BI system built by its users.

    Session3: The IT Perspective: Data Warehousing, Management, and Analytical Structures
    This session aims to take a look at BI capabilities of the SQL Server 2008 R2. We will introduce Master Data Management and new approaches to massive Data Warehousing. We will look at the way in which SQL Server functions as part of the overall BI Platform. Naturally, the fundamental BI functions of SQL Server, such as Data Integration and OLAP will also be discussed in order to enable all attendees to start planning their BI infrastructure after attending this seminar.

    Session4: The Analyst’s Perspective: Ad-hoc Analysis with Microsoft PowerPivot and Office 2010 Excel
    Returning to the key theme of this seminar, the self-service nature of BI, we will dive deeper into the most exciting of the recent additions to the Microsoft BI platform, the Microsoft PowerPivot. We will look at the ways in which an analyst can use their existing knowledge of Excel to perform advanced analysis of large data sets, including their acquisition and later publication. Briefly, we will introduce a new language for analysis known as DAX which can help more advanced users create powerful analytical applications all inside Excel and PowerPivot. Finally, we will review the existing Data Mining technologies of SQL Server 2008 R2 thus completing the day’s thorough journey through the Microsoft BI Platform.

    Tomorrow I will post information about the Second Preconference – Exchange 2010 in Depth.

  • SQLUG Event: SQL Server Service Broker and some of the things it can do for you

    SQL Server Service Broker and some of the things it can do for you” is brought to you by Nico Jacobs and will take place on February 11th. Since SQL server 2005, it is possible to build a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) inside SQL Server.
    The component that enables this is the service broker, a message based system which allows for dialogs between two SQL server instances. In this session, we will first introduce the terminology and features of this framework, then we will discuss some of the scenarios in which it can be used, and we will conclude by implementing a small service broker application. Dr. Nico Jacobs was a researcher at the Computer Science department, KULeuven for seven years, where he obtained his PhD in machine learning (data mining). Since 2004, he is trainer and consultant at U2U, where he focuses primarily on SQL Server and the Business Intelligence back-end.


    February 11th


    Medialaan 38,
    1800 Vilvoorde
    (across from VTM).
    Registration for this SQLUG evening is free but necessary.

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  • Internet Explorer 8 – Technical Resources

    TechNet has a large number of useful Internet Explorer 8-left for you. Visit the downloads page, help and documentation.


  • Free E-book: Windows 7 - Tips & Tricks

    “Windows 7 : Tips & Tricks” and as the name suggests its a compilation of one of the finest Tips n Tricks about Windows 7. You can use them to enrich the Windows 7 Desktop experience of yours. It contains more than 50 Tips and tricks and an added bonus section for Windows 7 Applications.



    Download:Windows 7 - Tips& Tricks PDF

  • TechNet Magazine: January Edition online


    Editor's Note: Choose your Upgrade

    Let's talk about upgrade plans! Windows 7 is undoubtedly one of the most polished Microsoft client OSes to hit the market in years.
    by Jeff James

    System Center Configuration Manager: SQL Server Reporting Services and System Center Configuration Manager

    Combining SQL Server Reporting Services with System Center Configuration Manager creates a flexible and powerful reporting solution.
    by Steve Rachui

    Microsoft Deployment Toolkit: Using MDT and Single-Instance Storage

    Are multiple and conflicting deployment images giving you a headache? Read this article to learn how to manage and consolidate multiple custom deployment images!
    by Joe Fox