November, 2009

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    Wat is er nieuw in System Center Operations Manager R2? (17 december)

    Neem deel aan deze infosessie over de nieuwe features van OpsMgr 2007 R2, waarin we dieper ingaan op de verschillen tussen OpsMgr 2007 en OpsMgr 2007 R2.
    Thema’s die we in deze sessie bespreken:
    o Cross-platform
    o Verbeteringen agents
    o Verbeteringen management pack
    o Verbeteringen authoring
    o Installatie
    o Reporting

    Beste praktijken voor de installatie van OpsMgr R2, informatie uit de praktijk (12 januari)

    Neem deel aan deze infosessie over de uitrolling van OpsMgr 2007 R2, waarin we bespreken wat er wel en niet werkte bij de uitrolling van OpsMgr 2007 R2 in verschillende omgevingen. U maakt kennis met de beste praktijken voor de setup, de beste praktijken voor de installatie van een SQL server voor uw System Center-omgeving enz.

    Thema’s die we in deze sessie bespreken:
    o Upgrade paths
    o Cleaning db
    o Gotha’s

    Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2: technisch overzicht (19 januari)

    Volg deze sessie om meer te weten over System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2. U verneemt alles over de features van Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2, inclusief Live Migration support, Quick Storage Migration, Hot Add/Remove Storage, Maintenance Mode, Hyper-V en VMware ESX management en VDI management. Wilt u een Hyper-V en ESX-infrastructuur uitrollen of de nieuwste Microsoft System Center tool voor virtualisatiebeheer  leren kennen, dan mag u deze sessie beslist niet missen.

    Beveiligingsverbeteringen in Windows 7 en Windows Server 2008 R2 (26 januari)

    In deze sessie belicht Windows beveiligingsexpert Paul Loonen de essentiële beveiligingsfeatures van Windows 7 en het beheer ervan in een bedrijfsomgeving. Enkele van de vele verbeterde functies die in deze sessie aan bod komen, zijn de wijzigingen aan UAC, de Software Restriction Policies, de verbetering van Bitlocker, wat Managed Service Accounts zijn, welke verbeteringen er aan Kerberos werden aangebracht en hoe NTLM beperken.



    Quoi de neuf dans System Center Operations Manager R2? (17 décembre)

    Participez à cette séance d’information  consacrée aux nouvelles fonctions d’OpsMgr 2007 R2. Vous y découvrirez les différences entre OpsMgr 2007 et OpsMgr 2007 R2.
    Voici un aperçu des thèmes abordés au cours de cette session:
    o fonctionnalité inter-plateforme
    o améliorations au niveau des agents
    o améliorations au niveau du Management Pack
    o amélioration au niveau de la rédaction
    o installation
    o reporting

    Les meilleures pratiques applicables à l’installation d’OpsMgr R2 – notes résultant d’expériences concrètes (12 janvier)

    Joignez-vous à nous pour cette séance d’information sur le déploiement d’OpsMgr 2007 R2. Elle offre une vue détaillée de ce qui fonctionne et des problèmes rencontrés lorsqu’on déploie OpsMgr 2007 R2 dans des environnements différents. Cette session vous enseigne aussi les meilleures pratiques de configuration, y compris la configuration SQL server pour votre environnement System Center etc.

    Voici un aperçu des thèmes abordés au cours de cette session :
    o Voies de mise à niveau
    o Nettoyage de la base de données
    o Gotha’s

    Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2: aperçu technique (19 janvier)

    Ne manquez pas cette session où vous découvrirez en détail System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2.  Nous passerons en revue toutes les fonctions de Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2, y compris : support Live Migration, Quick Storage Migration, Hot Add/Remove Storage et Maintenance Mode, ainsi que la gestion Hyper-V, VMware ESX et VDI. Un rendez-vous incontournable pour ceux qui déploient ou planifient le déploiement d’une infrastructure Hyper-V et ESX ou qui veulent en savoir plus sur le dernier outil de gestion de virtualisation Microsoft System Center.

    Améliorations au plan de la sécurité dans Windows 7 et Windows Server 2008 R2 (26 janvier)

    Au cours de cette session, Paul Loonen, expert de la sécurité Windows, débattra des principales fonctions de sécurité de Windows 7 et expliquera comment les gérer à l’échelle d’une entreprise. Vous découvrirez notamment les changements au niveau de l’UAC, l’évolution des  Software Restriction Policies, les perfectionnements apportés à Bitlocker, l’utilité des Managed Service Accounts, les modifications de Kerberos et comment limiter NTLM.

  • TechNet Event: Join us at the Exchange 2010 road-show and discover what’s new in Exchange 2010 and how you can use this rich set of technologies



    13:00 - 13:30 Registration and Welcome

    13:30 - 14:00 Introduction in Exchange 2010

    In a time, when your organization requires its communication tools to be cost-effective and flexible, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 enables you to achieve new levels of reliability and performance by delivering features that can simplify your administration help, protect your communications, and delight your users by meeting their demands for greater business mobility.

    In this presentation, we will introduce you to Exchange Server 2010 -- the cornerstone of Microsoft’s Unified Communications solution -- and highlight how this latest release can help you realize the new efficiency, by enabling you, with less, to do more.

    14:00 - 15:00 Flexible and Reliable Messaging Infrastructure with Exchange 2010

    IT organizations are looking for ways to provide a more reliable messaging infrastructure, while reducing their costs and streamlining administration. Using Exchange 2010 is a great way to achieve those goals. In this presentation,  We will explore in more details how Exchange 2010 gives you the flexibility to provide a Reliable Messaging Infrastructure which meets the needs of your organization at a lower cost.

    15:00 - 15:15 Break

    15:15 - 16:15 Information Protection and Control

    Based on customer feedback, we focused on e-mail protection and compliance as one our 4 key investment areas in Exchange 2010.  In this session we will show you how Exchange 2010 can help reduce the complexity of this increasingly important workload.  You will get acquainted with using the improved Transport Rules, Moderated Mailboxes, MailTips, and how Information Rights Management is done in Exchange 2010.

    16:15 - 17:30 Migration & BPOS

    We will walk you through the process for introducing Exchange 2010 servers into an Exchange 2003/2007 organization.  You will learn about the prerequisites, steps required, and the impact to client access for MAPI, Outlook Anywhere, OWA, ActiveSync, and POP/IMAP clients after the upgrade has occurred. In addition, we will introduce you the features provided for Exchange in the cloud, as part of BPOS.


    Speaker: Ilse Van Criekinge


    08/12/2009 - Brussels:

    09/12/2009 - Gent:

    10/12/2009 - Mons:

  • Architect Forum 19/11: Connecting your business objectives with IT initiatives


    As Infrastructure Architects, you obviously are passionate, knowledgeable and experienced in IT infrastructure technology and want to keep in touch with the upcoming technology trends.
    Evenly important, and increasingly important in these crisis period, is that you need to clearly connect business objectives with IT initiatives, in order to make sure that business understands the value of the IT platform and hence will free up those critical budgets for your initiatives.

    Eduardo Kassner, Enterprise Technology Architect has built up a ton of experience with these matters in real life cases and he will help you with this challenge in his well know no-nonsense way, combining structured frameworks with do-to-day reality and linking the discussions up-to-the level of the concrete Microsoft technology stack as well as how this relates to business reality in your average enterprise.

    Topics covered:

    • Connecting IT to Your Business Objectives: A conversation about the Microsoft Optimization Models
    • Are you designing your User Experiences? How does Dynamic IT feel in the real world?
    • Microsoft Software Roadmap: Portfolio Strategy For IT

    View Agenda

    When: 19 November, 2009


    Golflife Sterrebeek
    Du Roy de Blicquylaan 43
    1933 Sterrebeek



  • TechNet Magazine: Gear up for Windows 7


    Windows 7: The 10 Things to Do First for Windows 7

    Getting ready for Windows 7 may seem like a Herculean job—but there are plenty of ways to maximize the OS’s new features while minimizing disruptions in your organization. This offer spells out 10 steps that can help streamline your efforts and smooth the transition.

    Windows 7: Groovy Security in Windows 7

    Security enhancements in Windows 7 mean the OS is not only more securable, it’s more usable as well. Learn how the new features make life easier and more secure for both admins and users.

    Windows 7: What’s New in Group Policy for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

    Explore the new and updated Group Policy features in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. System administrators will find plenty of goodies, from new Windows PowerShell functionality to updated power options, task scheduling and software restriction policies.

    Windows 7: 77 Windows 7 Tips

    Whether you’re upgrading from Vista or skipping it altogether and moving up from Windows XP, you’ll need to know how to make the most of Windows 7 in your environment. Here are 77 tips and tricks to get you there.

    Forefront Protection Manager: Manage Forefront Security with Forefront Protection Manager

    Forefront Security product management is being unified in a single management console known as Forefront Protection Manager (FPM). Here’s a peek at FPM’s features, including its effective task and alert systems and its comprehensive monitoring views.