March, 2009

  • TechDays 2009: Compilation Video




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  • BIWUG: Using System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor a SharePoint environment

    Using System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor a SharePoint environment

    Date: 7/04/2009

    Timing: 18:00 - 21:00


    System Center Operations Manager 2007 is THE end to end Monitoring Solution. In this session we will discuss what you, as SharePoint guys, find relevant to be monitored.
    System Center Operations Manager uses a SharePoint Monitoring toolkit for monitoring the SharePoint Environment. This toolkit consists of a set of System Center Operations Manager 2007 management packs designed to help IT pros monitor their WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 and 2007 SP1 environments. These newly released packs were engineered to take advantage of SCOM 2007’s features, including new and improved reporting, additional actions, new views, and integrate IIS and SQL health rollup for a better understanding of the system-level dependencies of the SharePoint environments.
    And last but not least: System Center Operations Manager can also emulate end user experience by monitoring a Web Application. We will show you how to monitor a Web Application, even if it is require credentials, and how to record a browser session.

    If you have a SharePoint environment and don’t have a monitoring solution at the moment then you can’t miss this session!

    Speaker: Alexandre Verkinderen



    * SCOM and SharePoint 2007
    * Tzunami for SharePoint migrations


    Getronics, Genevestraat 10, Evere


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  • What is VMM 2008 R2 Beta and what are its new capabilities?

    VMM 2008 R2 Beta is a comprehensive management solution for virtualized infrastructure that takes advantage of many of the great new features of Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta including:

    • Live Migration: Enables the movement of running virtual machines from one virtual host to another with no downtime.
    • Clustered Shared Volumes: Helps enable Live Migration and eliminates the previous one LUN per virtual machine requirement thus simplifying SAN administration.
    • Hot addition/removal of storage: Allows the addition and removal of new virtual hard disks (VHDs) and iSCSI pass-through disks running on virtual infrastructure.
    • Networking optimizations: two new technologies -- Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ) and Chimney - provide increased network throughput while reducing CPU load.

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  • WinSec event: Security Awareness - Technical Underground


    Security Awareness - Technical Underground

    This practical session will be a technical underground session on security awareness.

    The first part will handle overall security like social engineering, gathering information, ...
    Second part will go more into detail on the technical aspects, like arp spoofing, dns spoofing, password cracking, mobile phones, wireless, ...

    We would like to show that it shouldn't be too difficult to gather information.
    It's not about hacking, but making audience aware what lives in security and that there is more than only patching operating systems...


    Location: Microsoft Belgium (

    Date: Thursday 23/04/2009
    Doors: 18h
    Start: 18h30
    End: 21h00

    To register, send an e-mail to : info(at)

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  • UG Event – SCUG: Getting started with Out of band service management.

    The Belgian System Center Usergroup organizes another event:

    Getting started with Out of band service management:

    Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 added this brand new feature called out of band service management. In my opinion a worth-while addition, yet it competes with the NAP feature for the position of least used SCCM 2007 feature, whereas it deserves a place up there with the feature hotshots like software distribution and OS deployment. The main reason it isn't up there in the popular feature list is most likely because the provisioning of systems to support out of band service management can be a little bit tricky. During this session we'll show you how to get provisioning going. We'll talk about the 3 different ways of provisioning, and show you the easiest way to get going. If you have ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 running and have machines with Intel Vpro capabilities then you can't miss this session. Unless the following features are not appealing to you at all:

    • Powering on/off one or many computers.
    • Restarting a nonfunctioning computer or booting from a locally connected device or known good boot image file.
    • Re-imaging a computer by booting from a boot image file that is located on the network or by using a PXE server.
    • Reconfiguring the BIOS settings on a selected computer.
    • Booting to a command-based operating system to run commands, repair utilities, or diagnostic applications.
    • Configuring scheduled software update deployments and advertisements to wake up computers prior to running.

    Date: 02/04/09

    Time: 18u30

    Location: Microsoft Belgium

    Speaker: Kim Oppalfens


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  • TechDays 2009

    We are counting down towards the TechDays 2009, I’m preparing my demo’s for my clustered shared volumes session.

    Apparently others can’t wait for the Techdays either :)


    Somewhere in Brussels.