Powershell NetCmdlets Beta 2

Powershell NetCmdlets Beta 2

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Just read on the bink.nu about some NetCmdlets which delivers great network tools for us IT Pro's.

Networking Tools for IT Professionals

The current package contains the following Cmdlets:

  • [get/send]-email : Send HTML emails with file attachments. Retrieve email through POP or IMAP connectivity.
  • [get/send]-trap : Monitor and send SNMP Traps.
  • [get/set]-ftp : FTP file transfer capabilities with advanced proxy and firewall support.
  • [get/set]-ldap : Access Active Directory or OpenLDAP servers through LDAP directory access
  • [get/set]-snmp : Command-line SNMP Management capabilities.  Manage network devices directly from PowerShell.
  • [get/send]-nntp : Command-line newsgroup browsing.  Monitor newsgroup postings and post messages to newgroup servers directly from PowerShell.
  • [send]-syslog : Syslog client for LAN event monitoring.
  • [get/set]-tftp : TFTP file transfer Cmdlet.
  • [convert]-data : Encoding and decoding utilities including Base64, SHA1, MD5, BinHex, and more.
  • [read/write]-zip : Compressions and decompression Cmdlet supporting Zip, Tar, GZip, and Jar.
  • [get/set]-webdav : WebDav client Cmdlet.
  • [get]-http : Web client Cmdlet with advanced proxy and firewall capabilities.
  • [get]-packet : Monitor network interface traffic.
  • [get]-time : Access network time servers and synchronize machine clocks.
  • [get]-rss : RSS client Cmdlet enables retrieval of RSS Syndicated content.
  • [get]-whois : Domain name Whois lookup.
  • [send]-im : Send Jabber(XMPP) Instant messages.
  • [send]-rexec : Remote execution via Rexec
  • [send]-rshell : Remote execution via Rshell
  • [send]-sms : Send SMS(SMPP) instant messages
  • [send]-page : Send alphanumeric pages (SNPP).
  • [send]-ssh : Secure Shell enabled remote access Cmdlet
  • [send]-ping : Network ping capability to monitor device availability.
  • [get]-trace : Traceroute Cmdlet for determining the path of network packets between hosts.
  • [get/set]-ras : Cmdlets for RAS connectivity.

You can find out more about NetCmdlets here.

These are awesome tools.


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  • I don't find Get-Http or Get-Ftp netCmdlets sample using SSL and proxy.

    And the "Get-Help Get-Http -Full" under netCmdlets Beta 3 don't talk about it !!!

  • Michel,

    Thanks for pointing that out they must have removed them.



  • PowerShell is our newest and coolest command line shell and scripting language. It is built on the .Net

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