July, 2006

  • We do innovate :: take a look @ Play Anywhere

    Go get a look at the on10 site where they posted a video about something I find really really cool, they call it play it anywhere or should we call it work anywhere.

    Take a projector a camera and a piece of software and start playing around, play a movie on a piece of paper, download information from your cell phone and display it with the projector. Yeah there are many many environments which this kind of technology or should I call it innovation would be very useful.


    Want to know more about it? Enjoy and also you will see how the microsofties in Redmond will always find their way to a starbucks.

    Interesting article about the technology : http://www.trnmag.com/Roundup/2005/TRN_Research_Ne...


    Can't get enough of innovation look at this blogpost from my colleague Tom Mertens about the Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth again an innovation which could change the way we use digital imaging today.


  • Installing Exchange 2007 Beta 2

    As I will test some of the new features of Exchange 2007 Beta 2 I am installing some new Windows Servers in my Virtual Server Environment.

    I have my domain controller running and a member server where I will install Exchange 2007 Beta 2.

    Before installing Exchange you need to prepare the forest, schema and domain you can do that within the command prompt:

    setup /prepareAD

    setup /prepareSchema

    setup /preparedomain or setup /preparealldomains

    Note: Make sure you have installed the .Net framework 2.0 and the Monad Shell (Powershell), 
             Your domain must be native Windows 2000 or above and the schema master must be a Windows 2003 (SP1)

    The next step is to install Exchange 2007 on the member server. You can either choose to have a command line setup or use the GUI. I will stick with the GUI for now.

    The pre-requisites for the actual Exchange server are:

    .Net Framework 2.0

    Windows Powershell

    Internet Information Service (IIS)

    Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0

    As you can see on the screenshot(s) the Exchange setup checks the pre-requisites before the actual setup can be done.

    I had some troubles installing Exchange with the GUI so I moved on to the command line:

    setup /m:Installation /r:C,M /OrganizationName MSFT

    The setup started to copy files, checking the pre-requisites for each role (Client Access role and Mailbox Role) we want to install.

    After the setup we are ready to go with the new Exchange 2007 environment I will obviously start with some Monad scripting. Yes I know its Windows Powershell but I still love Monad more then ....

    Next week I will be deploying new Vista machines using the BDD 2007 framework with the WAIK and WDS tools. I will certainly blog about that.

    Important to know is that Exchange 2007 32 bit version is only supported in testing or training environments and NOT in production environments.

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  • SQL User Group Meeting - Sept 14

    The Belgian SQL User group organises their second ug meeting September 14th.

    The guest speaker for this event is Dirk Gubbels from Microsoft Belgium:

    Dirk will talk about "Advanced monitoring and tuning techniques in SQL Server 2005"

    "SQL 2005 offers a lot of new possibilities to monitor, trace and tune performance related issues.
    This demo-driven session will cover new features like plan option, plan guides, blocking traces, dynamic management views and more.
    We will use the new XML features to get the most out of the management views and traces, so XML knowledge up front is a plus.
    Enough time is foreseen to answer questions, enter discussions or try ad-hoc scenarios."

    Register for the UG-evening here.

  • Exchange 2007 Beta 2 - Out now!

    Yes it's there you can now download Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2 from here.

    You want to have more info about Exchange 2007:

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  • Technet Subscriptions changes

    Starting August 1st we will make some changes to the Technet subscriptions.

    First of all the standard subcription will not be available anymore, don't worry we replaced it with something new, let me explain.

    We will have three different options for you:


    Technet plus Single User this is what we have now and will continue to exist and we will add the subcriber download, which will make it possible for you to donwload software for testing purposes, this version will be priced at $499

    Technet plus Single Server
    is the same thing but licensed for mutliple users and will be priced at $999

    Technet plus Direct is the online version only, so no DVD's will be send to you but instead you can download everything and will be priced at $349.

    Remember these new services will start on August 1st to find out more vistit the Technet website

  • Funny Microsoft video :)


    Reading my daily blogs I saw this funny video on the bink.nu blog.

    Its all about Microsoft but created with a Mac, I find the Text-to-speech voice a bit annoying.

  • Virtual Server 2005 R2 on Vista 5472

    I just finished installing Virtual Server 2005 R2 on my fresh Vista 5472.5 install. How did I install it? I used the command line I found on virtual_pc_guy his blog. It is basically one huge command line:

    start /w pkgmgr /l:log.etw /iu:IIS-WebServerRole;IIS-WebServer;IIS-CommonHttpFeatures;IIS-StaticContent;

    You need to run this command in a command line started as an

    Few moments later you will have the new IIS installed.

    I found a great article about the new Internet Information Service (IIS) on Vista.

    The next step was downloading Virtual Server 2005 R2 from the Microsoft site. As

    you already know it is free.

    Now run the setup as an elevated user and install it. After the reboot I encountered my first issue, I could not login into the console because of user permissions. I even tried with the Internet Explorer running as an Administrator. Don’t know if this is about the 5472 build I am using but I then activated the administrator account again (created a password) and logged onto the machine with the Administrator account. I now started the management site again and it worked. I went to the Virtual Server Security properties and added my own account with full permissions.

    Logged on with my account and I could connect to the Virtual Server and start creating, editng, …. virtual machines. However I’ve got one more issue which I do not have a solution yet and that is that when opening the config console I’ve got the following error message under the "Recent events" tab:

    “The RPC server is unavailable” (did not have this error as an administrator)

    If anyone has the solution for that one address arlindo.alves@microsoft.com

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  • Regmon, Filemon, PS-Tools now from Microsoft?

    Yes I think every IT Pro know them the regmon, filemon, ps-tools from systinternals, I certainly used them a lot during my previous live as an System Engineer where I had to install many servers and most of them where Terminal Servers where you can really use the Regmon and filemon tools to make sure all applications work well on a server based computing environment.


    Anyhow if you don't know the tools I recommend you to take a look at them. But the guys (Mark Russinovich and Brice Cogswell) behind sysinternals are also the guys that runs wininternals. Wininternals have developed a different products like Recovery Manager, Protection Manager, Defrag Manager and Administrators pak


    So what is this post all about, well we just bought the company, read the press release from wininternals. I think this is a very good thing for Microsoft we can now add their tools onto the OS.

    Great Mark Russinovich is on his way to Microsoft.


    Source: Kevin Remde

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  • Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition – Unlimited Virtualization and Volume Licensing

    Andy Lees announced changes to Windows Server 2003 R2 Datacenter Edition (DCE) making it the easiest and most cost-effective choice for large-scale virtualization of Windows Server. Microsoft can now offer our customers unlimited virtualization rights and easier purchase options through Volume Licensing.

    Changes that come into effect October 1, 2006 include:

    • DCE will be available through Volume Licensing: For the first time, Microsoft resellers and account managers will be able to sell Windows Server Datacenter Edition through Volume Licensing.
    • Unlimited Virtualization Rights: Servers with Datacenter Edition will have license rights to run an unlimited number of virtualized Windows Server instances. By simply licensing the server’s processors with Windows Server Datacenter Edition, customers will be able to run Windows Server Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter Edition or a mix of the three editions without having to track the number of virtual machines or pay for additional Windows Server licenses.

    More Options to License from OEMs: Customers will be able to purchase Windows Server Datacenter Edition preinstalled on servers with 2 to 64 processors with or without The Datacenter High Availability Program.   


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  • BDD 2007 Beta with Vista and Office 2007 support

    Business Desktop Deployment 2007 (Beta) for Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system

    Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) has changed the face of scaled desktop deployments, providing true end-to-end guidance and automation for all required desktop deployment procedures. The beta of BDD 2007 is now available to enable Lite Touch deployment of Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 and the 2007 Microsoft Office system Beta 2 desktop images. To download BDD 2007 Beta 1, visit http://connect.microsoft.com

    When you get to the Microsoft Connect site, click My Participation. You must sign in and then click Available Connections to view and apply for the Business Desktop Deployment 2007 (Beta) for Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system program.

    What's New in the Solution Accelerator for BDD 2007 Beta 1

    BDD 2007 includes guidance and automation to deploy Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system beta products. BDD 2007 incorporates the latest Windows Vista deployment tools: Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0, User State Migration Tool 3.0, ImageX, System Image Manager, Windows® PE 2.0, and Windows Deployment Services.

    It also includes many improvements over previous versions. For example, BDD 2007 now splits feature team documentation into two primary components: one component for project and team guidance and a technical component for IT implementers.

    BDD 2007 also contains updated documentation for updated tools, including an improved Application Compatibility Feature Team Guide for the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0, a User State Migration Feature Team Guide for the User State Migration Tool 3.0, and Computer Imaging and Deployment Feature Team guides that incorporate the new BDDWorkbench MMC console to utilize the robust tools inside Windows Vista to create images and catalog images, applications, packages and drivers.

    BDD 2007 also uses a stand-alone task sequencer derived from System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to simplify some of the scripting complexity in previous BDD versions.

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  • BDD 2007, SCE and SCVMM

    Coming weeks, months I will be testing some of our new products. Beside using Vista and Office 2007 on daily bases I will also test some new products that are or will be soon be in the public beta phase.

    So I will test Business Desktop Deployment 2007 (BDD 2007).I agree that BDD 2007 is not really a product it’s more a guideline on how to handle a Desktop Deployment project. Within the BDD you will find some products and documents that will help you define, design, rollout and support the rollout of Windows Vista and Office 2007.

    “BDD 2007 incorporates the latest Windows Vista deployment tools: Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0, User State Migration Tool 3.0, ImageX, System Image Manager, Windows® PE 2.0, and Windows Deployment Services.”

    See my next post for more info on how to download the BDD 2007.

    I will also have a look at two new System Center products, System Center Essentials 2007 (SCE 2007) and System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM).

    Remember my blogpost about SCE 2007from the MMS 2006 event back in April. SCE 2007 will also be included into the new version of Windows Small Business Server.

    SCE 2007 will provide you:

    • A Proactive monitoring, troubleshooting and asset tracking to keep your IT environment secure and up-to-date,
    • A unified solution with a single console for managing your servers, clients, hardware, software, and IT services, and
    • Efficient execution of complex management tasks like troubleshooting end user issues, monitoring, and server and client software deployment.

    It is almost certain that we will get an best of MMS tour in Belgium where I will give a presentation about SCE 2007. SCE 2007 Resources: Whitepaper and Demo


    Last but not least I will test the new System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM).

    SCVMM will provide you with a solution for consolidating underutilized physical servers to virtual machines. In addition it enables rapid provisioning of new virtual servers, centralized management, and takes advantage of standard hardware and file-level storage.

    Remember also my blogpost on how Project Carmine became SCVMM.

    I will keep you informed about my experiences with these products.

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  • Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo works together

    We've joined forces with Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, which means that you can use Windows Live Messenger to talk to your friends who use either .
    We are talking about over 300 Million users around the world that you can now communicate with through one client.

    How can you use it, simple just add a contact into your live messenger fill the Yahoo ID and add @yahoo.com and you will be able to talk to each other.


    For me personal it will have no impact because I don't have friends around that are using the Yahoo Messenger, however if you want to test it with me here is my messenger account: arlindo@pandora.be

    Source: Inside Windows Live Messenger

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  • Vista seen by a Dummie :)

    Finally that is what I could say about the fact that my great colleague Tom Mertens has started blogging about Windows Vista.

    A time ago David and I talked to Tom that he should blog about Windows Vista, ok he said if I have a Vista machine I will. So what was requested happened he got a brand new Toshiba Tablet PC M400. He promised David and Myself to blog about his view on Vista as an end-user (read dummy).

    Weeks later he finally posted two posts about Vista:

    I hope he will continue with his posting about Vista.


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  • Virtual PC for Free!!! Even better Virtualization for Free

    If you want to use Virtual PC go ahead it’s for free. Download it from www.microsoft.com/virtualpc. Our strong commitment to virtualization technology will also include the free download of Virtual PC 2007, with support for Windows Vista.

    That’s not all we also changing the virtual machine licensing for our Windows Vista Enterprise customers. With Vista Enterprise you will be able install up to four copies of the OS in a Virtual machine for a single user on a single device. You will also be able to use the downgrade rights to install for example an instance of Windows XP onto the VPC.

    So we now have our complete Virtualization stack for free:

    And in addition if you have Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition and Windows Vista Enterprise you will be able to install 4 instances onto the virtualization stack for free.

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  • Why I like the new Office 2007 UI

    Since I have installed the Office 2007 beta software I do not want to go back to Office 2003 why? Many reasons.

    The main reason is the “Ribbon” which took me no time to get used to it. Thanks to this “Ribbon” office seems so much more intuitive to use. See for yourself at this screenshot

    Once I start using this ribbon technology you get the feeling never want to go back to the normal toolbars.

    It is so much easier to find the tools you need to be more productive when using office 2007. Another kewl feature I really really like is the live preview, when you change a font for example you will immediately see which effect it will have to your document.

    If we look further at excel for instance we made a lot of improvements and there is something called conditional formatting. In the screenshot below you see a bunch of numbers for different products, I used the conditional formatting tool to add some data bars onto those numbers. Now you have a better look on the different numbers and what they mean.

    It are those improvement that makes my life so much easier now. Another one I really like and it is not the last one but I’ll keep it there for now, is the scroll bar to zoom within the document way easier to use.

    Not yet convinced of the value of Office 2007? We have several possibilities for you to test Office 2007:

    • With the first one you don’t even have to install Office onto your machine you can simply test-drive it from the internet using Terminal Server technology. My colleague Alain posted a nice article on where to find the Office test-drives.
    • Secondly you can register yourself at the Technet Dutch Betacentral or French Betacentral site where you will then also have access to the Exchange 2007 Beta bits. 

    And last but not least I found a Blogcast about the new UI in Office 12 which shows you how powerful it. Note that the Blogcast is build on a pre Beta 2 version of Office.


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  • Vista Standard Interface

    We improved the look and feel of non WDDM (Windows Aero) known as Vista Basic theme. Look for yourself.

    There are more screenshots at the Vista Team Blog, or read the update of their first post

    I personally like the new Vista Basic team it is quite an improvement don’t you think?


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  • Upcoming interesting webcasts

    Vista Webcasts

    TechNet Webcast: Using Built-in Diagnostics in Windows Vista (Level 200)Monday, July 17, 2006 - 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Pacific TimeKevin Remde, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft Corporation

    Windows Vista can self-diagnose a number of common problems, including failing hard disks, memory problems, and networking issues. Built-in Diagnostics is a feature that provides information that can help IT professionals solve many issues that cannot be resolved automatically. Whenever Windows Vista detects a potential problem, it raises an event. Join this webcast to learn how you can use these events to monitor the behavior of desktops in your organization, or to troubleshoot problems that cannot be resolved automatically.


    TechNet Webcast: Moving to 64-bit Computing with Windows Vista (Level 200)Tuesday, July 18, 2006 - 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific TimeRick Gayle, Divisional Manager, AMD

    Windows Vista provides a wealth of visual sophistication and advanced information management capabilities. Clients running AMD64-based processors have the 64-bit and dual-core capabilities to deliver the full functionality of Windows Vista, including features such as Windows Aero, Windows SuperFetch, and desktop search, in addition to enhancements to security and power management. In this webcast, we take a closer look at the AMD64 architecture with Windows Vista, and we highlight some enterprise use scenarios that can benefit from Windows Vista running on AMD64 technology.


    TechNet Webcast: Windows Vista Deployment Overview (Level 200)Monday, July 17, 2006 - 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Pacific TimeKeith Combs, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft Corporation

    This webcast explores the advantages of using a managed process for deploying Windows Vista in your organization, and describes some of the tools available to assist with Windows Vista deployment. Learn about the new Windows Imaging (WIM) file format and image management tools developed for Windows Vista to simplify deployment. We discuss the Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) for installing Windows Vista, and show how to use the Application Compatibility Toolkit to ensure that your existing applications continue to function correctly with Windows Vista. We conclude with a look at some deployment management systems that can help you automate the deployment of Windows Vista.


    TechNet Webcast: Security Features in Windows Vista (Level 200)Wednesday, July 19, 2006 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific TimeMichael Murphy, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft Corporation

    For most companies, securing the computing environment is the IT department’s highest priority. Ensuring that the new operating system or computer deployments are at least as secure as the current environment is critical. Using baselines and images that are constantly updated can help you keep the environment secure while enabling you to rapidly deploy new workstations. This webcast shows you how to choose and enable the security configuration of your desktops, manage ongoing security updates, and maintain desktop security. We cover Group Policy Objects, Windows BitLocker drive encryption, Windows Firewall, and Windows User Account Control (UAC). We also illustrate how changes in these items affect overall security.


    Exchange Webcast

    TechNet Webcast: Best Practices for Managing Exchange Server 2007 and SharePoint Environments (Level 200)
    Friday, July 21, 2006 - 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific TimeDavid Sengupta, Exchange MVP, Product Manager, Quest SoftwareKathleen Lundgren, Product Manager, Quest Software

    Collaboration has become a key factor for success in the business world. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and SharePoint offer technologies to maximize collaborative efforts within your organization. While these collaboration platforms are designed to be easy to use, some care is still needed to manage and deploy them properly. Important areas to focus on include reporting, recovery, availability, and storage. Quest Software currently provides Exchange Server management solutions for more than 12 million mailboxes. In this webcast, experts from Quest Software and Microsoft explain what you need to keep in mind to ensure that you are effectively managing your Exchange Server and SharePoint environments.



    TechNet Webcast: Active Directory Identity and Access Management in Windows Server Code-Named "Longhorn" (Level 200)
    Thursday, July 20, 2006 - 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Pacific TimeDave Martinez, Senior Technical Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

    This webcast from the Introducing 'Longhorn' series looks at the identity and access management improvements planned for Active Directory in Microsoft Windows Server code-named "Longhorn." Starting with a review of the Active Directory infrastructure components available today, we discuss the enhancements in Windows Server "Longhorn" for scenarios such as branch domain administration, federated partner collaboration, and international deployments. This session also covers overall improvements in reliability, availability, and auditing capabilities.



  • Citrix releases ADFS support for Presentation Server

    Citrix recently released some updated code for Presentation Server 4.0 that lets Web Interface authenticate users via Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

    Brian Madden posted a nice article about it on his site.

  • Windows Cardspace

    I just found out that Infocard has a new name “Windows Cardspace”. Do you know what “Windows Cardspace” is?Let me try to explain it briefly. Today we all have the same issues of storing passwords we have not only for our PC but also for subscriptions. We always have to fill in the same information. As Passport did work well with Hotmail most of us did not want to use it for doing other things with it. Why because it comes from Microsoft and even I don’t want to use Passport to do my e-banking. That’s why “Windows Cardspace” formerly known as Infocard will (can) change the way we enter information or the way we identify ourselves to different services.

    The identity will be represented as signed set of claims. A claim is what you or someone else have to say about you. So how will this work you go to a online web store and when you want to pay for the items you just bought the system will ask you for your identity (claim) so you could send your personal information card and the system would then require a third party claim to be sure that your information is correct.

    Imagine that the only thing you have to do to subscribe to online sites, magazines, etc … is sending you self issued identity card. I like the idea to have multiple card where one will be my real identity for sites we trust and another one can be just a rubbish identity for sites you don’t trust.

    Anyhow if you want to know more about “Windows Cardspace” here are some resources:


    A first look at Infocard
    Introducing Infocard
    Microsoft's Vision for an Identity Metasystem

    Kim Cameron

    Laws of Idenity

    Channel 9

    Video about how Infocard works


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  • Vista:: CompletePC Backup

    Another nice feature we have in Windows Vista now is CompletePC Backup. With this tool we can create a complete backup image of the running system. This image can be used to restore the pc after a for example a system failure. How do can we use it its simple open the “Backup and Restore Center” which can be found by the search capabilities just type in backup and you will find it.

    The screenshot below shows us the possibilities of the “Backup and Restore Center”, here you can configure the backup schedule to backup your files every day, weekly or monthly. You will have to select which type of documents, data you want to backup

    The backup will then use the “shadow copy” functionality to create the backup of your data.

    Once a backup has been made the use Restore files button (now grayed out) to restore data from a previous or the last backup.

    If we look back at the CompletePC Backup which was the main item of this post. Just click on “Back up computer” to create a backup image.You then have the possibility to choose where you want to store the image. You can store it on DVD(s), internal or external disk.The CompletePC backup tool will then produce a block level backup by using the VSS (Volume shadowing service) technology. The output of the backup is a file based on the VHD format which is also used within Vitrual PC and Server.

    You can now restore your system with the Windows Recovery Environment by pressing F8 at boot time or by using the Vista Install CD (choose “Windows CompletePC backup”). I think this is a great tool which was unfortunately not available under Windows XP. It will it make it much easier to create backup’s of my home systems and to be up and running again within minutes. Way cool .

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  • Meeting Belgian Bloggers @ Microsoft

    Few weeks ago my colleagues Tom and David invited me to the Blogger meeting they where organizing.I immediately accepted as this was an opportunity for me to learn to know some of our Belgian bloggers.

    And it was we had prepared our Demo machine to give them a demo about Windows Vista and Office 2007. So far nothing to new but it seems cool to us to show it on a MAC book pro using bootcamp. And it turned out well because we are creating some buzz about the fact we did a Vista demo on a MAC (and also about the lobster).

    We borrowed the Macbook pro form our colleague Hans Verbeeck who so kind to prepare the machine for us.

    It was so cool because earlier  I was talking to some of the bloggers who are also MAC users about Vista and the conversation turned out with the question does Vista runs on a MAC. Yeah it does..... ( Watch and see)
    Few moments later David was showing the great functionalities of Vista and Office 2007 on a MAC.   After the demo's Tom had also invited another colleague Patrick Viaene who talked about  Windows Genuine Advantage“: the anti-software-piracy initiative.

    Coolz0r created a post about what he saw during the meeting.

    Anyhow it was an interesting meeting with great talks and food (lobster) and many of the bloggers went home and started to create some buzz around Microsoft Belgium  presenting on a MAC.

    Here are some of the links I found about the event:

    Forret: lobster-and-vista-on-a-mac
    Coolz0r: microsoft-serves-lobster
    Macenstein: Microsoft demos Windows Vista on a Macbook Pro?
    Pietel: Diegem (dutch)
    Uneasysilence.com: Microsoft Demos vista on a Macbook
    Smetty: Microsoft Dualiteit (dutch)
    Cult of Mac: MS Demos Vista on MacBook Pro
    Macuser: Microsoft demos Vista on macbook
    Digg: Microsoft presenting Vista on an Apple

    QJ Net: Microsoft demos Vista on a Macbook Pro

    Reghardware: www.reghardware.co.uk

    And when I almost finished this post I came to a post of another colleague, Kris Hoet, who also had already a list of blogposts.

    The list is far from complete, please let me know If you find some posts that are not on the list yet.

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  • Still Alive but enjoying holidays

    Hmm ... it has been quiet here @ my blog but I am still enjoying some holiday's. I am just back from France where I had the time to read a book about blogging yeah it was "Naked Conversations".

    Thanks Tom for giving me a copy of this book. For me it was a very valuable book where I learned a lot about blogging.

    In this book you can find all real stories about real people and their role into the blogosphere. You will find some real examples of how blogging helped businesses to grow or how not reacting to the blogosphere can have a huge impact on business.

    My advise is that every blogger or everyone who wants to start blogging should read the book, very valuable.

    My next post will be about the meeting I had with some Belgium bloggers. But first let me enjoy my last days of holiday.