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  • Blog Post: A script to allow easy testing of your App-V package on any OS

    Time and patience are required when creating App-V packages and testing them on various operating systems. You should always target your packages for the right operating system (OS), but testing shows that a package made for one Windows OS may run on another Windows version. This PowerShell script modifies...
  • Blog Post: A PowerShell script to list all existing App-V package dependencies

    As I'm sure you're all aware by now, back in App-V 4.5 we first introduced Dynamic Suite Composition, a technology that allows you to link, or create dependencies between, multiple virtualized applications.  This is a powerful feature that allows multiple virtual applications to share the same virtual...
  • Blog Post: How to use pre-4.6 MSI packages with the App-V 4.6 client

    The App-V 4.6 client has been tested extensively with pre-4.6 sequenced packages. If you have 4.5 RTM packages which use MSI for deployment, then they will have to be updated (4.5 CU1 and SP1 MSIs are not affected by this). There are three ways to update your 4.5 RTM packages: Use the MSI transform...