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Sequencing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with App-V

Sequencing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with App-V

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InformationSince Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 we have heard from numerous customers that they would like to deploy it using App-V. This is not feasible with the shipping products.

Microsoft will be releasing updates to the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) products so that customers can use App-V to deploy Visual Studio 2010. The date of availability for the updates will be communicated later this calendar year.

The App-V Team

  • Wouldn't it be nice if all software published by Microsoft woudl be appv capable upon release?

  • They released a similar update to support sequencing VS 2008.  Unfortunately the previous update and this new announcement only assist customers using App-V.  It would be nice if their products supported App Virtualization, regardless of vendor.

  • While I can kind of understand not supporting other virtualization technologies from an App-V team standpoint, it doesn't seem as smart from the VS team's standpoint.

    Then again my single, absolutely biggest, complaint with App-V/MS apps is licensing. In the name of licensing every single current application, Office 2010, Project 2010, Visio 2010, VS 2010, they all have an added, cumbersome, flaky layer added to them.

    This isn't a pie, flaky layers need not apply. It kind of rubs your paying customers faces in it when the cost of continuing to support your products is the added burden of running a KMS server, hassling with SPP, not being able to use VS2010 in App-V due to licensing, etc.

    It's really only getting worse, and I can tell you plenty of people who sign checks are hearing about it and getting tired of having three day meetings just to try to make heads or tales of licensing scenarios that still leave us bearing the brunt of the hassle.

  • 1 month later and still waiting to deploy

  • I also want to Sequence VS 2010 Test and VS 2010 Team Explorer, come on any date?

  • We have a production need for Sequencing VS 2010 and haven't seen a date yet for this. Any other word yet ?

  • Any news on this?  Could we get some kind of update please?

  • Coming up on 6 months, and still no update....

  • Do we have any further updates, I find it strange that there was not a solution in place for deployment of Visual Studio 2010 via App-v on release. I hope that microsoft sort these things out prior to releases of any of there software, as it does slowdown and hamper the use of products with this amazing application.

  • So i am guessing that no one has heard anything still.

  • Another month on - Just wondering if there is any more information ?

  • Is there anybody there.....? Still waiting in anticipation :-)

  • We should have more information soon and once it's available I'll get it posted.

  • Another need to sequence this, any idea on when "soon" is?

  • Our company needs this information as well.  Any update on info release?  Thanks!

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