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App-V 4.5 Resource Kit: Application Virtualization Client Log Parser Utility

App-V 4.5 Resource Kit: Application Virtualization Client Log Parser Utility

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Visually parsing large log text files can be quite tedious! The client log parser utility helps IT administrators save time by making it easy to pinpoint common failures (e.g. launch failures) and extract other useful information from the logs.

C:\MSAppVirt_ClientLogParser_Setup_1.0.0.15100>AppVClientLogparser.exe /?

AppVClientLogParser Usage Info:

AppVClientLogParser.exe [filename [filename]...] [/P:path] [/O:file] [/N:days] [/D:delimiter]

[/M:LogLevel] [L:LogLevel] [TRD:threads] [/R]

[BLD] [/LF] [/LT] [/DMP] [/MDO] [/S] [/UT] [/W]


Searches Application Virtualization logs for specified log entries and creates a

vertical bar delimited results file.


AppVLogParser.exe /p:c:\logs /o:c:\logs\errors.txt /lf /n:5

This command will tell the AppVLogParser to parse for entries in all files in the c:\logs directory that date 5 days back from today for launch failures. The results will be put into a file named errors.txt

In the example below, I am extracting information about successful launches in the last 5 days, complete with launch times:

C:\MSAppVirt_ClientLogParser_Setup_1.0.0.15100>AppVClientLogparser.exe /p:"%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Application Virtualization Client" /o:c:\logs\errors.txt

/lt /n:5

Match Log Level (/M): False

Log Level and below (/L): False

Write All (/W): False

Launch Times (/LT): True

Upload Times (/UT): False

Launch Failures (/LF): False

Startup (/S): False

Minidumps (/DMP): False

Build Report (/BLD): False

Minimum Disconnect Operations (/MDO): False

Path (/P): C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Application Virtualization Clie


Results File (/O): c:\logs\errors.txt

Delimiter (/D): |

Days (/N): 5

Threads (/TRD): 1

Return codes (/R): False

Files: Not specified

Parsing C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Application Virtualization Client\sftlog.txt

Finished parsing C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Application Virtualization Client\sftlog.txt

I can then export the information to Excel for easier viewing:


You can download the client log parser tool here.

Questions or feedback? We would love to hear from you at the App-V TechNet forums.

For the final posting in the App-V reskit series tomorrow, we will talk about the App-V Application listing tool.

Hope this help!

The App-V Team

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