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  • Blog Post: Meeting the Press: Gaming with Katie Ledger and Steve Clayton

    Yesterday, we had some prominent visitors: Katie Ledger and Steve Clayton of PTS-TV . PTS-TV is a UK project to connect with the tens of thousands of Microsoft Partners in a new way (inspired by Channel 9 ). Katie and Steve interviewed both Thore and me about our work on TrueSkill for almost an hour...
  • Blog Post: Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP) 2007

    At the beginning of this month (October) I attended and presented at the CUFP event in Freiburg, Germany. The talk was on some of the work our group has been doing over the last year using F# including the XBox 360 title Halo 3 and on predicting ad clicks for Windows Live . The slides (thanks Ralf) are...