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Hyper-V's low cost helps Microsoft weaken VMware's grip on server virtualization:

Microsoft has aggressively discounted Hyper-V to grab market share

Microsoft narrows gap with VMware

Hyper-V makes good showing in first months availability, IDC says

Microsoft gains against VMware

Via Microsoft's Server and Tools Business News Blog, the company said, "IDC's findings reflect the strong customer and partner adoption we're seeing of Microsoft's datacenter and desktop virtualization software." "Customers now have choice in market. VMware is no longer the dominant server virtualization vendor (<50%)."

X64 server virtualization maturing already

The box counters at IDC did say that VMware was the shipment leader on x64 boxes, with a 44 per cent share. But that in the second quarter, if you added Virtual Server 2005 and Hyper-V together, Microsoft had 23 per cent of shipments. And it won't be long, is my guess, before VMware and Microsoft are at shipment parity on x64 machines.

Interestingly, Waldman said that the hypervisor attach rate on new server sales was about 15 per cent. At that rate, against just under nine million server shipments per year, we're talking about 1.4 million hypervisors


· one thing is for sure: the Microsoft gain is remarkable (and its growing case studies library confirms it) even if VMware still leads with 78% revenue share.

Far be it for me to call the race over but I still stand by my prediction that Hyper-V, along with other winners like Xen and Parallels, will enjoy the spoils from knocking VMware off it's industry leader pedestal. [Server & Tools Business news blog]