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Experiences of the Amit Pawar - Technology Specialist at Microsoft Australia.

About Oz Enterprise Infrastructure


About Oz Enterprise Infrastructure

This blog is setup to share the experiences of the team from Microsoft Australia who works with Enterprise customers to optimise their Core infrastructure. People throughout these organisation depend on its core infrastructure to help them get things done. Infrastructure solutions from Microsoft helps them stay connected, maximise productivity, and boost efficiency. 

A number of Microsoft products and technologies work together to help deliver integrated infrastructure solutions. Once these solutions are in place, IT can improve its ability to be more agile, manage complexity, and provide more secure, controlled access to information resources. Consequently, IT can then focus on strategic initiatives to help maximise future opportunities for your business. Learn about the products for core infrastructure optimisation solutions.


  • Desktop Infrastructure Optimisation: Reduce desktop infrastructure complexity to speed deployments, streamline management, and increase security, which can lower your total cost of ownership (TCO), improve service levels, and boost organisational agility.
  • Server Infrastructure Optimisation: Control the costs of your server infrastructure, enhance security and compliance, and drive agility with integrated solutions for server management, security, and identity management.
  • Remote Infrastructure Optimisation: Help achieve cost savings, integrated security, and agility using the latest Windows Server infrastructure that extends Data Center management and security to remote locations in both centralised and decentralised scenarios.
  • Virtualisation: Drive greater IT operating efficiency through integrated end-to-end virtualisation, helping to reduce costs, maximising system availability, and driving operational agility.