Anti-Malware Engineering Team

This blog provides information about what's happening in the anti-malware technology team at Microsoft. We're the team that builds the core antivirus, antispyware, anti-rootkit, and related technology, which is then used across a number of Microsof

January, 2006

  • The Mywife.E Worm

    Here is an update from the Microsoft anti-malware team regarding the recent variant of the Mywife mass mailing worm. The mails' subject and body may vary. However they include an attachment that looks like a ZIP file while it is actually a malicious executable...
  • The Mywife.E Worm: Update

    Microsoft has posted an advisory for the Mywife.E worm that provides information on the threat and suggests possible mitigations. To help detect and remove the infection from a computer, we recommend using the Windows Live Safety Center Beta at http:...