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  • Blog Post: You get a lot more than you pay for

    Microsoft’s approach to stuff is to ship the basic product as part of a license and then provide you with lots of other add-ins, packs, resource kits and so on which are all free to use on top of what you just paid for e.g. Windows has the Live platform which gives you basic photo editing (Live...
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 for friends and family

    It’s not always Microsoft’s fault… For the last month or so, my mum’s Asus Revo mini desktop PC thing kept starting windows repair intermittently on boot and her local tech support man (I couldn’t get down to her) thought Windows updates were the problem.  Also when it did power up it was taking...
  • Blog Post: 3rd day of Christmas – Ducks in a Row

    This blog is written using Windows Live Writer as are many of the others on TechNet and MSDN.  In this video Giorgio Sardo shows how he writes his and how to control your PC with a Samsung Omnia.. Technorati Tags: windows live writer , silverlight , wpf , blogging
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Writer just keeps getting cooler

    Every couple of months as I write my blog in Windows Live Writer, it pops up and says “would you like to try the latest beta?”, and throwing caution to the wind I say OK. It just quietly keeps getting better, so when I joined Microsoft last July you could put in a picture very easily without a degree...
  • Blog Post: The curious case of the Trusted Protection Module

    I am keen on insurance and I am more interested in the claims process when things do go wrong, than in the cost of the premium.  In IT the same thing should apply , the level of protection should be driving force in any decision on how to look after your your data rather than the cost of the solution...