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    You would expect there to be a record and hopefully only one record for each sales person in a typical sales system and another record in another table for each of the customers. But what happens when a one of these sales people gets assigned to a different territory or is promoted to be a regional sales...
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    This simple design, popped up in my inbox today asking for advice… What you need to understand about this diagram is that there is a concatenated key (keys are in BOLD ) on each of the orange dimension tables, with one part of that key being CompanyID. The exception is dCompany which is just keyed...
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    Chris Webb MVP can, to quote a friend of mine can, “Make MDX sound interesting”.  I have to say when I first when on a course on MDX the tutor went for the “Make MDX confusing and boring” approach. Chris has recently coauthored a book on Expert Cube Development with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis...