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  • Blog Post: Why I use IE9

    The obvious answer to this question is I am an evangelist who works fro Microsoft and while that is true just bear with me for a paragraph or two. You’ll probably like the speed and clean looks of this incarnation of IE, you might like the side by side comparison option by tearing off tabs, or the fact...
  • Blog Post: IE 9 it’s not an upside down IE6

    My first love is art and the great thing about my current role is that I can use my creativity to help explain what can be done with Microsoft technology.Just last week our marketing team decided to give me a whole stand to draw all over at the Web Directions event last week at the Southbank Centre in...
  • Blog Post: Pimp your website for IE9

    Back in the day of windows X (where X tends to 3) I used to do loads of icon design as part of the project I was working on. What goes around comes around and now I find there are other uses for icons namely favicons in IE9 .  Now that you can tear off tabs and pin them to the taskbar they can be...
  • Blog Post: Back Soon

    I am out of the office at the moment, but my spies tell me the IE9 beta is here. I’ll be doing a bit of icon design on the side when I get back, as these come in quite useful when you tear off tabs and put them on the Windows 7 taskbar .