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Missing Snipping Tool in Windows 7

Missing Snipping Tool in Windows 7

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I live my little snipping tool to capture bits of screen to share tips and stuff on this blog and in my decks, but since I moved to in Windows 7 it’s gone aaarrghh! Annoyingly all my mates (both of them) have got it on their machines so where did it go?

Apparently it’s part of the tablet specific optional features and I didn’t have this selected. So to fix it (and now I have the tool installed I can show you!) go to programs and features (you can just type that in on the search bar to go straight to it) and from there select turn windows features on or off ..


to get this dialog


..and check the option for Tablet PC Components.

For my blog I also use a lot of the picture editing tools in Windows Live Writer especially crop  and border style you can get the latest version of this free blogging tool here.

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  • I don't have the "Tablet PC Companion" check box on the list

  • Jack,

    It's in  Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise ediitons of Windows 7, and I didn't  make that clear in this post, because I worte before I knew what editions would be in what features (although I think this is the same as in Vista)


  • Hi Andrew,,

    if u can see my post or any 1 else ... I got the same prob but I don't have the "Tablet PC Companion" even i got Home Permium Windows 7

    u know any other steps can help?


  • John

    If you are in the UK can you drop me a mail ( and I'll sort you out

  • I have tried that, the Tablet PC Optional Components is checked still do not have snipping tools.

  • does anybody including windows support know how to recover snipping tools. I have asked this question to many different forums and have yet to get a correct answer. I have windows 7 home premium, I had it at one time but for whatever reason its gone.

  • All

    My post is the definitve answer on this.  I can only suggest if you are still having trouble and you are in the UK (where I am) that you ping me direct and we'll get to the bottom of this.  BTW I am not going top be able to get back as I am not a support guy, and I am out fo the office a lot at the moment.  I do have a windows 7 buddy on the same team as me simon may ( and he might get back to you sooner.


  • If you're having trouble getting the snipping tool back then head over to the TechNet forums for some support.  Andrew is dead on about how to enable the tool, but there are some programs out there disabling it...tweaking programs or other screen cap programs do it occasionally.  You should find that the tool is in c:\windows\system32 and you can just recreate a shortcut once the Tablet PC Pack is on the system.

    For support though, go here:

  • The PC Tablet Component IS CHECKED and I still get an error message suggesting that a reboot will start the Snipping Tool. It does not!

  • Russell if you are UK based please e-mail me ( and I will give you a code to contact our support guys to get this resolved (for free of course)

  • I have the 'Tablet PC Components' checked, but I can still not see the "Snipping Tool" in my start menu, when I type it.

  • Deniz

    as I said to every one else on this thread if you are in the UK then please contact me direct

  • Guys,

    I'm a complete noob when it comes to anything with computers, but all you guys experts should be able to figure out from other forums that the solution is to copy+paste this into your Windows Search:


    It just pops up automatically. Just a name path error of Windows 7.

    Come on !!!

  • I have the 'Tablet PC Components' checked, but I can still not see the "Snipping Tool" in my start menu, when I type it..but im in iran.can u please help me.!!!!!

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