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Windows Server 2008 Foundation - a new home for SQL Server

Windows Server 2008 Foundation - a new home for SQL Server

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A new edition of Windows Server 2008 got launched yesterday Windows Server 2008 Foundation which will only be shipped on a range of appropriate servers.  It supports 15 users, 8gb RAM and 1 processor  (but no core limit). 

I can see that many small business might want to use this as their central server where they may have some of their data in the cloud (the obvious example being e-mail) but want some information such as the company accounts on premise. I can also see Foundation as being a logical home for SQL Express or Workgroup edition, probably bought along with the aforementioned accounts or a small ERP system.

Companies wanting to do a little bit more on premise would probably be better off with Small Business Server (SBS) which has exchange and SQL Server built in as well as a basic set of tools for monitoring the health and security of the server and the PC attached to it.

As a final thought even though April 1st was yesterday, I wonder if this would be a good platform to host LAN parties!


  • but .. can i install sql server standard on windows server 2008 foudnation ?

  • yep you can put SQL Server Standard or workgroup and the free Express editions on here

  • Will client applications using SQL be limited to 15 concurrent users?



  • Zack

    Yes I am pretty sure they will be. This isn't a SQL thing, it's about howm any users are licensed to access that server and so would apply whatever appliocation Microsoft or not running on that server.  So you shouldn't buy more than 15 cal of SQL Server standard for it, or just use the free SQL Server Express if you don't need all the features in standard (Andrew)

  • Wouldn't Windows Foundation server be a better and cheaper solution to Windows web server - if used as a web hosting server. It seems to have IIS and DNS what else do you need?

  • Val  I am confused this post is about Windows Foundation Server so I guess we agree?

  • Is this possible to join the Windows 2008 Foundation to an existing Domain (Win 2008 Standard with 80 users) and use it as SQL server for some custom application only.

    It's not going to be used as a DNS, DC, or any other services, it should work as a pure platform for our SQL server which may have 10 concurrent users at most.  My  concern is that is it going to be a problem to join it to a domain which has more than 15 users already.

  • Darisush

    I don't think so, I found this using Bing ..

    whihc states

    Domain requirements:

    Must be the root domain controller in a domain that has no trusts at the root of the forest. This condition is temporarily allowed for migrations, but if persistent, the system will be forced to restart.

    My second point is thta you are baout to use an OS thats nearly end of life. After this came Server 2008 R2 then Server 2012 each of whihc also has foundation edition. Also not you aren't licensed to run these operating systems as virtual machines on any hypervisor


  • We have a Windows Server 2008R2 Foundation as our domain controller.  We would like to install "Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition for Small Business" (SKU: C9C-00500) on either Windows 7 Pro or WIndows Server 2008R2 Standard within this environment.

    Does anyone know and has anyone tried if this will work and be compatible??



  • Peter

    the details are here and reading that I can't see any issues with what you re trying to  do that. However I haven't tried it and so you'll want to test it of course


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