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Report Builder 2.0 released

Report Builder 2.0 released

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Typical, you spend a day off line at a team building exercise and then you find that the SQL Server team have released Report Builder 2.0 to a fanfare of silence. 

To rewind a bit Report Builder 2.0 sort of replaces Report Builder 1.0 that came with SQL Server 2005.  The two tools are as different as black and white TV to a bluray DVD, partly due to the Office like UI…


and partly due to all the good stuff you now have in Reporting Services 2008 like charts and the new tablix data control (replacing tables and matrix).

There are two puzzling things about Report Builder 2.0, one is that Report Builder 1 still ships with SQL Server 2008, as a click once application from Report Manager and the other is that this isn’t (as yet) a click once application.

Anyway if you have been using this at RC0 or RC1 stage then please replace those betas with this as there’s more to it than the fact that the start logo top left is no longer the office logo.

If you haven’t tried this before then you can deploy it to your users for them to write their reports or at least collaborate in the report design process.  Needless to say it will only allow you to deploy reports to a SQL Server 2008 reporting services installation (although the data can from any database you can get a .Net provider for).

  • Just found out that Report Builder 2.0 was released over the weekend. I've played with the lab...

  • Andrew,

    Thanks for this. The link for Report Builder 2.0 doesn't work.  I found it here though:

  • Also realize that Report Builder 2.0 just lost the possibility to use Data Models that was possible to use while in beta version... I dont know why but this is a very disapointing item.

  • Luis

    RB2 does support the use of models, so ping me ( if you are having trouble with that)


  • Please, could you shortly describe me how to work in Report Builder 2.0. with models? Thanks Pepa

  • Pepa(?) I'm going to post on this separately as I can then show exactly what you need to do.


  • Dear Andrew, I want to use smdl model definition file in Report Builder 2.0 and create reports based on it. I was not succesfull in opening smdl file (created with BIDS 2008). Please let me know how to use prepared smdl file in Report Builder.

    If you like, you can send email to

    Many thanks Josef Kerner

  • You need to publish the model, and then browse for it in the connections in Report Builder. Report builder needs to be configured to look at the report server for this to work by opening the icon top left and selecting options (if you didn't do this when you installed it)

  • Andrew, thanks a lot. I had not correctly set the report server. After reinstalling and setting it properly during next installation it works fine.  Thanks again. Josef Kerner

  • Andrew, please give me an advice: how to define datetime parameter in my OLAP report? When I define the parameter as datetime type, I get runtime parser error 'The syntax for .2008 is incorrect'. I tried to use CStr, Format and FormatDateTime function in Query parameters, but I wasn't successfull. Probably the trick is to properly convert the datetime value to a string, but I don't know how to do it. Thanks a lot for your advice. Pepa

  • How can I use Report paramters together with reports based on a report model?

  • Andrew,  I've been tasked with getting a high level understanding of licensing of SQL Server, particularly SSRS.  As a newbie to SQL Server I'm somewhat lost.  Our company is already implementing SS2008 including SSRS but we are not using it for any "ad-hoc" reporting, only "canned" reports.  Do you know if we'll need to get licenses/CALS for all users of Report Builder 1.0 or 2.0?  Thanks!

  • You don't need to license RB1 or 2 separately, jst the server that the reports are published to.  I have more dtail on this post..

    and the offical FAQs are here..

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  • I have WSS 3.0 integrated with SQL Server 2008. I deployed the Report Builder 2.0 and all seems to work fine. Although, when I publish a Report Model and choose "Load In Report Builder" it opens RB 2.0 but the model is not preloaded. Any ideas?

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