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Chat to Us about SQL Server

Chat to Us about SQL Server

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Why do so many SQL Server people make the effort to come to evening and weekend events?  These people can all read so surely they can find what they need on-line.  Many already know a lot about the product and have a lot of experience behind them.  I believe that part of this is to debate and discuss ideas, and that the more experienced DBA take genuine pleasure in helping others to get into the product.  That’s certainly what I try and do, but I can’t be everywhere and neither can the other like minded individuals in Microsoft so we have come up with a cunning plan…. 

We’ve put an instant messenger gadget on the SQL Server site.  It’s all anonymous at your end so for all I know I could be debating the merits of change data capture with Larry Ellison.


I would add that this is not intended as a replacement to the excellent service our support and premier filed engineers provide.  It’s more about pointing you in the right direction and discussing options or clarifying such arcane subjects as editions, and licensing.

The first question I had to answer from an on-line discussion using this was “when is SQL Server 2008 going to be released?” 

I actually have no idea, but no one really believes that. But suppose it was all a big secret and the date is 10:24 GMT on August 31st, how does that help you? Will there be queues of DBAs lining up at the Microsoft Campus hoping to get an early copy – it would be nice but I don’t think it’s likely. 

The reality is that if it was out today, the next question I would get is “when is SP1 coming out?” 

  • Is Baldrick now on the SQL Team?

    I only find the chat on the UK SQL site during UK business hours. Are there plans to make a similar service available in the US?

  • Anil

    This is a UK initiative at the moment hence the uK hours , and I am sure our american cousins will be keen to join in.

  • Hi,

    I need a checklist to migrate from sql 2000 sp3a operating on 32 bit windows 2000 server 2 node cluster to SQL server 2005 on 64 bit windows 2003 2 node cluster.

    The 2005 server will be new server and will be a side by side migration.


  • I am having some problem with transaction log shipping. I saw on line instruction how to do it. According to it, I have to right click on the data base and then go to properties. In that page, under Select a page, I have to click Transaction Log Shipping. But I am not getting any Transaction Log Shipping option under Select a page.---------Using Developer Edition

  • Anil.

    on the left of the propoerties page you should see Transaction Log Shipping as the last in the list.

    Failing that in T-SQL execute

    sp_add_log_shipping_primary_database on the primary


    e-mail me your details if your still stuck


  • HI SIR

           I like to how to delete our internet browsing history from SQL server 2008

    can u guide me plz

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