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SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services no longer depends on IIS

SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services no longer depends on IIS

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It sometimes seems impossible to keep everyone happy all the time.  The Reporting Services predict team thought it would be a good idea to remove the dependency on IIS in SQL Server 2008, to make it easier to configure and to reduce the attack surface of the report server.

However, there have been some concerns raised about this, e.g. is it secure, how do I know how it's configured etc.

So what's not to like?

  • Microsoft has severed the IIS dependency for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in the 2008 version,

  • Появилась пара источников в сети (

  • Voila une nouvelle qui devrait ravir tous les administrateurs système rétissant à l'installation et l'utilisation

  • Is this why I see no Reports & ReportManager virtual directories in the Default Web Site???

  • Yep, you set up everything from the rpeortiing services configuration tool.  

  • While answering a forum post I was reminded that SQL Reporting Services 2008 no longer requires IIS

  • 本文介绍在 Windows Vista / Server 2008 / 7 中配置 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services 时可能会遇到一些权限问题及其解决方法。这个问题的表现形式是访问 http://localhost/ReportServer 时提示:为用户“*”授予的权限不足,无法执行此操作。 (rsAccessDenied) 。访问http://localhost/Reports 时只出现顶部一小部分内容,下面显示空白。

  • hoooray sql 2005 gave me hell because of ii7

  • Because of removing Anonymous Authentication

    Reporting Services 2008 has become the VISTA of databases, its good but lacking, it leaves you deflated heading back to 2005

  • Jekes That's a great analogy because just like Vista this is much more secure, easier to manage and easier to use.  

  • Is there a problem turning on IIS on a server that has SSRS? I would like to deploy a web app on a infrequently used SSRS server.

  • Ritchie,

    No but you need to be careful what you are doing so you don't collide with what SSRS is doing as it won't show up in IIS Manager.  Hopefully this article..

    will help


  • Hi Andrew, we have configured SSRS 2008 and it is using Windows Authentication beautifully. However, the user must log in each time they try to access Report Manager. Can this log in be avoided since they have already signed in to their computer - a way that is configurable from the server - rather than Options on their browser?

  • Reena Just copying in my earlier reply for other readers 1. Checking that that IE on their machines is set so that the report server is trusted. Do this on one of their machines or yourself with an account that works.. 2. If you have your SSRS service running on server A, and your source database is on server B, then you can’t get Kerberos delegation to client C as this is a double hop. So follow this blog post through with your infrastructure team.. Andrew

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