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Performance Point 2007 and ProClarity Licensing

Performance Point 2007 and ProClarity Licensing

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Digit AlAs many of you know Whitehaven has gone digital today amongst quite a lot of confusion.  I must admit I am struggling to to see the point of staying analog and quite what the fuss is about given that a freeview box costs as little as £20.

The story around Performance Point and ProClarity still seems to be causing similar confusion.


As I have mentioned before Microsoft Performance Point 2007 is a combination of Three Things

  • Monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Planning

ProClarity is the analysis part of Performance Point.  The confusion is around migration and upgrades. Essentially if you have the existing ProClarity Analytics Server and maintenance or software assurance you get an equivalent license of Performance Point. 

If you aren't ready for Performance Point you can still continue to buy more ProClarity licenses. There is no immediate pressure to upgrade as the ProClarity will be supported for another ten years.

So a bit different from the digital switchover, and the monitoring and planning stuff you get with Performance Point are a lot more useful than the shopping channels on freeview.

Full details and FAQ's are on the performance point site. Failing that contact me and I will try my best to answer your questions.

  • I wanted to know when will ProClarity be fully merged with PerformancePoint server, since we do not want to support both of them for too long.

  • Manoj, The next version of Performance Point Server will ship with Office 14 and will largely integrate the two

  • Andrew- Thanks for your response, appreciate it.

  • Here is response I found that answers answers the following question. What tells me when to use PPS Analyics

  • As there is currently a gap in functionality between PPS and PAS, we would be unlikely to drop PAS completely but we would like to push ahead with PPS implementations. If we currently have a licence for PAS, does this mean that we have to buy an additional PPS licence if we want to run the two? The 1-for-1 appears to be a swap so we would need to switch PAS off.

  • Paul

    PAS 6.3 ships with Performance Point (PPS) so you can still use it.  Some types of PAS reports are surfaced in the PPS monitoring and analytics server.  In addition you can migrate your existing briefing books to the new server but you have to manually link them into the dashboard you create.

    e-mail me if you need more detail (

  • Paul,

    I have an active directory where the users are authenticated against. In the Front end I am running MOSS 2007 and middle layer I have performance point and the back end is SQL Server.

    What kind of Performance point licence I should get? I visited the Microsoft site and it is really confusing. Do I need to buy the external connectors too?

    I would really  appreciate your help on this.

  • Venkat

    drop yur contact details and the number of people you are looking to connect and I will sort out the specificas for you

    Andrew (not Paul!)


  • In my last position I was a big user of Proclarity Descktop Pro, I'm now evaluating PPS for my current position (an MS Gold Partner) and want to know if PPS comes with any free Proclarity Descktop Pro licencies. I know you can get them but are there any free?

  • Hi

    We were running PAS (and the ProClarity Dashboard) at the time Microsoft acquired ProClarity.  We are aware of the "if you have PAS then you get a PPS license".  However, what is not clear is whether we need to acquire an additional server license if we run PAS on one physical sever (only runs under 32 bit IIS) and PPS (for the Dashboards) on another physical server (utilizing 64 bit).  We would like to run it on one server but PAS and PPS don't coexist very well on the same sever (and we would lose the ability to run PPS utilizing 64 bit).

    Any help would be appreciated

  • Stuie321

    If you scale out deply like this thne you need additional licenses for the second server, in the same way as if you deply different bits of SQL server (e.g. reporting services) on a diffenret box)

    BTW you shoudl be able to run PAS in WOW (windows on Winodws) mode on a 64bit box

    email me if you need more info

    Andrew (afryer

  • Does the standard PPS 2007 licence allow the setting up of a test environment for developing new models and business rules as well as new dashboards?

  • I wanted to know what components of Proclarity ( if any ) come free along with SQL server 2008 ? also if any of the proclarity components come along with the SSAS component of SQL server 2008 ? Or a combination thereof. Please advise.

  • Bhaskar ,  the simple answer is that none do, PorClarity was a separate product until it was bought inot Performance POint Server.

    I have replied by e-mail as well

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