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A word from the author


A word from the author

Andrew FryerBefore Joining Microsoft UK in 2007 I worked for a number of partners developing business intelligence solutions for a wide range of organisations.  Going further back in time I spent a number of years in criminal intelligence and forensic IT at HM Customs & Excise (now HMRC) and the Serious Fraud Office.

My blog has been focused on business intelligence and data development, but is now includes the wider issues facing many IT professionals in the UK, such as cloud computing,  infrastructure optimisation against uncertainties about the economy and the environment.  My advice is follow certain tags on my blog so you just get the stuff that matter to you :-)

My contact number at Microsoft UK is +44 118 909 2528. and you'll find me on Twitter as @deepfat, but please be aware I am not a support engineer so I will try and help where I can, but I can't promise to.