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Is That Application Really Safe? -- by Jesper Johansson

How many times has a vendor told you that "Sure this app is safe. We use encryption." But is it possible to really know whether the app is safe without performing a full analysis? Yes, there are some red flags that you should look out for.


Security Policy Management -- by Jesper Johansson

In Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, Microsoft shipped its first new security policy tool in six years. The Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) can help you author, tailor and apply policy. As with any security policy tool it can also completely disable your network. To learn more about how to manage security policies and how to use the Security Configuration Wizard, watch this session where Jesper Johansson discusses the internals of the security configuration wizard and how to make use of it to author policies in your organization.


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UNIX/Linux Authentication with Windows Active Directory -- by Jason Zions

Organizations want to reduce the complexity of managing their infrastructure; a big part of that is simplifying authentication and authorization infrastructure. This session will cover the ways you can tie UNIX and Linux systems into Windows Active Directory.


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