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  • Blog Post: How To Setup Exchange 2007 Account Automatically in Entourage 2008 Thru Autodiscover

    Entourage 2008 with SP1 can use Autodiscover Service available on Exchange 2007 Server to configure your Exchange account automatically. In this post I will talk about this new feature from Entourage user perspective. I have also recorded a screencast to actually show you how you can do it in Entourage...
  • Blog Post: DST 2007 Changes & Entourage 2004 for Mac

    I know a lot of users out there use Entourage 2004 as an Exchange Client and are thus concerned about upcoming DST Changes in March 2007. They want to know how Entourage will handle that change and what do they or their Exchange Server Administrators need to do. Here are some important points I wanted...