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  • Blog Post: E-mail Download Issue in Entourage With Exchange 2007 on Windows 2008

    In this blog post I wanted to talk about another new issue being experienced by our customers who are working with Exchange 2007 on Windows 2008. Windows Server 2008 is the key here as it relates to IIS 7 (Internet Information Server) and it's default security restrictions. Issue Using Entourage for...
  • Blog Post: How Does Entourage Work?

    As my blog is focused on Entourage as an 'Exchange Client', let's start with the most obvious topic which will provide details on how Entourage works with a mailbox on an Exchange Server. This blog will encompass the currently supported versions of Entourage & Exchange Server, i.e. Entourage 2004...
  • Blog Post: DST Workaround for Entourage 2004 & 2008 Users in ANZ

    Update : The fixes for this issue have been released in 11.5 (Entourage 2004) & 12.1 (Entourage 2008) Updates for Office for Mac. I wanted to quickly provide this workaround to the users of Entourage 2004 & 2008 in Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) time zones until Microsoft releases fixes...