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If it doesn't scare the cows... what does it matter?

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Ever since I started blogging... (well i am into my 2nd week).. I realised I am no longer just a participant in life, but a keen observer of life, I watch and listen to normal day to day happenings and wonder if it would be an interesting topic for my blog.... Darren Strange, king of the bloggers, warned me this would happen..

Anyway, I was watching a very interesting DVD on Sunday evening, Grizzly Man directed by Werner Herzog , it's a documentary about a guy called Timothy Spelling who dedicated his life to the grizzly bears...It's a bold and accurate depiction of someone who follows their dream, but is so passionate about the dream that he loses touch with reality (IMHO)...check it out... over 5k people can't be wrong... it was rated it 8 /10 on

Back to the title of this posting ... when one of his friends was asked about Timothy and if the friend got upset with Timothy's tall stories ... his friend said this wonderful memorable saying I had not heard of before...

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'We have a saying down on the farm....if it doesn't scare the cows, who cares?' (a.k.a what real harm is being done?)

When I think about this quote, it made me thing of one of my philosophies in life...which is ...don't get annoyed unless you really really really have to, don't waste valuable energy having negative thoughts about folk.. life's too short for that

... so when I am at work or when i am out and about, if a person I encounter is a bit off or cuts me up in traffic for example, I always ask myself if the person was being specifically rude to me, was it personal, did they go out of their way to be annoy or upset me?....

..if not, I put it down to them having a bad day, maybe they have had a row with their partner, maybe someone they love is ill, maybe they are having money or career problems...maybe they are having a bad hair day, whatever!!!

... does it really matter? If they are not being rude to me with intent, I give them the benefit of the back to my earlier point...if it doesn't scare the cows, what does it matter? ( may be thinking I have lost the plot at this point :o)

  • Passion for Success notes an interesting beneficial side-effect from blogging:
    "Ever since I started...

  • Morning Annemarie. Hope you enjoyed the break!

    About rude drivers in traffic... this first struck me when I read Stephen Covey's 7 rabbits (or was it habbits? :))

    One of his 7 habbits of highly successfull people, included "seek first to understand" and what resonated especially with me was the need for us to believe the best in people, until/unless they prove us wrong. Suddenly, people cutting in before me in traffic makes me think: "perhaps the guy really did not see me, and I should have not been travveling in his blind spot - I can learn from this" or "what if his wife is 8.87 month pregnant and he really needs to get home *now* ?".

  • I somehow stumbled upon this wonderful blog today! what a treat it is to see people making an effort to understand.  It is like one of my favorite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson...  "Each man I meet is my superior in some way, in that I learn from him."  which isn't exactly how it is worded.  

        Although I still do get upset at other people for making mistakes I like to attribute it getting upset because I care about them. Not because I think they are stupid.  You would be amazed how much your quality of life will improve by adapting this attitude.

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