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Time to Start

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With Windows Vista Beta 2 just around the corner, it's time to put some serious thought behind Application Compatibility.  So how many applications do you have?  Running on how many computers?  Which ones are mission critical?   Which apps do you need to retire?  Will they continue to be supported?  Does anyone else have information?  Where do you start???

That's exactly why we've kicked off this blog.  To help make the Application Compatibility process manageable and successful for you, and help us learn about your experiences around All Things AppCompat

So let's start with some key ingredients and see what we can cook up...

  1. Signup for the Application Compatibility Toolkit V5.0 Beta program
  2. Review the AppCompat IT Pro materials on Technet
  3. Review the AppCompat Windows Vista Developer Story on MSDN

The Application Experience Team

  • It would help if you said what the (explitive) your group does.

    Raymond Chen talks about application compatibility all the time: is he in your group?  Is what he does something that you do?  Or is it all different?

    The UAC blog has a discussion about the (awful) Program Compatibility Assistant "feature".  Is that part of your group, or something else?

    Lastly: a reminder to everyone who blogs: the point of a blog is information.  Your first blog post has the following actual information:

    1. I have a bunch of programs.  My comment: well gosh, yes I do.  Thank you for noticing.
    2. There is some (empahsis) process that Microsoft has for moving these programs forward.  My comment: you'ld better
    3. That program has a name: Application Compatibility.  My comment: how cute, another name from Microsoft.  Throw it on the pile, and poke it with a stick; maybe there's something to it
    4. A request to sign up for more (emphasis) things that aren't described  My comment: why would I waste my time on something that isn't even described?
    5. A link to actual information.  My comment: if the link is where the information is, then why am I here?

    For gosh sakes, give us information, not just -- well, nothing.

  • ...months go by, and not a single bit of bloody followup.  Apparently AppCompat isn't important to Microsoft.

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  • One again I was scanning the news when this article caught my eye. It discusses the complexity of trying

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