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October, 2007

  • Team Foundation Server goodies [updated]

    Here's a couple of interesting links around TFS that are really worth sharing: Sizing Guide for TFS 2008: and 2005:
  • Microsoft Deployment (formerly known as BDD) goes RTM [updated]

    Business Desktop Deployment Solution accelerator is now called officially MD (Microsoft Deployment). RC1 RTM was just released. Read...
  • System Center Certifications

    I watched (well with one eye to tell you the truth, working with the other;)) the webcast on new SC certifications. Thought I would share the interesting part (availability exams and dates): WS2008 update will also be shown in a LM: December 5 live meeting...
  • Back from holidays

    Hi 2 everyone (if anyone is still reading some of the stuff here after such a looooooong pause in writing)! I am back from my months' worth of holiday. And before that I've been very busy with releasing a project for a customer. Now I seem to have a bit...