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  • Blog Post: How to troubleshoot SMS 2003

    Recently I was involved in troubleshooting a client discovery issue, sometimes becomes a nightmare troubleshoot the SMS logs if you don't have a clear understanding of the components and SMS flow. To help us with that, MS has released the troubleshooting flowcharts package which includes the complete...
  • Blog Post: SMS Operating System Deployment Feature Pack

    Recientemente se liberó un Feature Pack de SMS, para llevar a cabo despliegue del Sistema Operativo, actualmente lo estoy ocupando a nivel de laboratorio y se ve bastante interesante y útil, se tiene más control comparado con RIS. Si quieren saber un poco más al respecto, los invito a que revisen la...
  • Blog Post: SCOM 2007 & HMC 4.0 just released!!!

    One of the most expected guides has been released, the guide to deploy SCOM 2007 in HMC 4.0. Be one of the first ones to update your MOM 2005 infrastructure in HMC 4.0 by following the details mentioned in this guide:
  • Blog Post: Is Exchange 2003 a bandwidth consumer? :)

    For those of you who are looking for an answer to this question, I recommend you to review Network Traffic Statistics on Exchange 2003 results, you'll find this document very useful. Year to year this document is reviewed and updated by Christophe Leroux (MCS Consultant). It contains the description...
  • Blog Post: IT Forum 2004

    Si tu responsabilidad es la planeación, implantación, aseguramiento y administración de una infraestructura Microsoft, esto te puede interesar. Está próximo el IT Forum 2004, para ser precisos el siguiente mes (Noviembre 16-19). Habrá conferencias, sesiones prácticas, reuniones con expertos, y tendrás...