Alex Marin Gasga

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October, 2007

  • Architecture Principles

    After browsing in the web for a few hours looking for architectural principles. I found the following articles which i highly recommend you to read (they are not that long... 3-5 mins reading each article, unless you get hooked with reading and decided...
  • SCOM 2007 & HMC 4.0 just released!!!

    One of the most expected guides has been released, the guide to deploy SCOM 2007 in HMC 4.0. Be one of the first ones to update your MOM 2005 infrastructure in HMC 4.0 by following the details mentioned in this guide:
  • Here I go Again!!!

    Hi guys, After a couple of years of absence in this blog (yes ... 2 years already)... not necessary off-blogging but not posting on this one... it's time for me to restart this interesting journey of sharing experiences with the rest of the community...