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Announcing newly Awarded Microsoft MVPs – October 2010

Announcing newly Awarded Microsoft MVPs – October 2010

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This is another exciting quarter for my Company, the Communities and the Microsoft MVPs. New products coming up with new exciting features, new product launches and Community Tours, new topics to discuss in the forums and, most of all, new MVPs onboard Smile !


And I’m happy to announce that we Awarded 13 new Microsoft MVPs in some of the Countries I represent as a Community manager:

MVP Country Technical Expertise
Adam Granicz Hungary Visual C#
Daniel Potyrala Poland Windows Desktop Experience
Domagoj Pavlešić Croatia Silverlight
Domantas Jovaišas Lithuania ASP/ASP.NET
Efran Cobisi Italy PowerShell
Beppe Platania Italy Windows Embedded
Jacek Światowiak Poland Forefront
Lukasz Grala Poland SQL Server
Renato Marzaro Italy Visual Basic
Senad Zeco Slovenia Windows Desktop Experience
Sergio Govoni Italy SQL Server
Tomica Kaniski Croatia Management Infrastructure
Toni Frankola Croatia SharePoint Services

Congratulations for this achievement: I can’t wait to start collaborating with you moving forward. And of course Congratulations to the re-awarded MVPs !

I’m also proud to recognize that, among the Region, we have now 2 Windows Azure MVPs so congrats to you guys too !!

I know it’s hard to keep that status active, but this means your passion to help others and your community engagement is still present in you and I’m honored to be part of this great group !!

If you want to know more about the MVP Award Program, be sure to read our blog and follow me if you want to Winking smile

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  • Congratulations to all the newly awarded MVPs! :)

  • Congratulations to all the newly Microsoft MVPs!!!

  • Congratulations to all the newly awarded  and re-awarded

  • Congratulations to all the newly awarded  and re-awarded Microsoft MVP's!

    and thx ;-)

  • Hi,

    First of all congratulations to all new MVPs. You deserve it for your efforts you put in helping the community.

    Since this is about community I'd like to highlight some shortcomings of MVP program. My comments mostly relate to Microsoft in Australia and the way MVP program is being run here. We have seen many times that employees of one partner are being preferred over other hard working and contributing members of Microsoft community. This issue came up few years ago and you can read all about it here

    Once again we have seen a partiality in favour of this partner. Recently MVP award was given to Steven Naggy That is not the issue. The issue is that at the same time David Burela who has probably done more work in the community was overlooked. Why? Could the answer be that David does not work for this preferred partner.

    In the past this partner has recruited people with a promise that they will be awarded MVP in next round. And without any surprise this has actually come true.

    Other than this, employees of this partner are given preferences to speak in Microsoft conferences. When Microsoft is questioned they seem to have a view that people who do not work for this partner are not active in the community and do not submit proposals for speaking engagements. That is not true at all. You just need to ask people at the ground level and hear them.

    This has been going on for some time in Australia and honestly it is creating a very bad impression of Microsoft and Microsoft community in general. I'm not sure if anything will be done about this, but given that this is a public forum I have raised the point.

  • Hi John, I have to agree with you there. I also work for a different Microsoft Partner and I was discussing with a Microsoft employee about current technology and where to get leads. He said straight to me, "oh we usually just refer them to ..." the same partner you are talking about. Well hello, person standing right in front of you, competitor. At the time he said that, he pointed towards the front of the room, where my employees had just given a talk. I had to pull him up, and say, "hey, they aren't from ..., they are from my company"

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