As I heard of a new version (Windows 7 compatible), and after the CES announcement, yesterday evening I took some time to download the latest version of Microsoft Songsmith.

The trial time works in a very new different way, which I think it’s better than any other ever seen in the past: “the free trial will work for six hours of actual application use. That’s not six hours from the instant you download it, it’s six hours of you really using Songsmith. If you close Songsmith, minimize Songsmith, or start working in another application, the clock stops.”

The purpose of this software is simple but quite hard in reality: create a song from your lyrics. Usually, the process is totally different (I’m not a pro but I had some musician experiences in the past): you work on the lyrics side by side with the music. And then you adapt your words/phrases and the music as well to create a “make-sense” progress.


As you can see by the screenshot above, I created a song from scratch by singing it. I have several options: if I want it more Jazzy, for example, the application will give more sophisticated chords to the song. I could also adjust the preset themes, the tempo, and many other options. (below you can find the Style selection bar: you can also add new styles from here).


I was really astonished: I created 2 songs yesterday and I really like both of them (nice to listen and catchy). I had to adjust 2 or 3 chords but for the rest everything went smooth. It’s not a professional tool but it really has everything to start your own song, modify it, add some spice and then create your .wma to share with your friends !

If I take my courage, I’ll post the output in here soon ;-)

So what are you waiting for? Download it !! I had so much fun yesterday I’d organize a contest or something next time at my house :)


Link to: Microsoft Research Songsmith: Download