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    By now I hope you've read the blog entries on this site relating to these 24hrs webcast series. If not, have a look at these two sites below and of course sign up for one or two or 24 :), and also the blog entried by Kevin Remede. SQL Server 2008:
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    The SQL Server 2008 event series is now available from TechNet. Consisting of 6 initial sessions listed below, you can access video and audio version of each sessions, along with links to additional resources and training.   SQL-300 What's New In Microsoft SQL 2008 In this session, we will go through...
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    A team of IT Pro Evangelists from the US including:  Kevin Remde , Matt Hester , Chris Avis , Chris Henley , and Yung Chou is delivering a 20-part webcast series on Microsoft Virtualization Solutions starting January 14, 2009. The objectives of this series is not only to help you develop technical...
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    Do you find yourself looking at your machine room and wondering “Why are there so many machines in there?” Often it’s just a question of having to run legacy applications or applications that are just too time consuming and expensive to consolidate onto other machines. One possible solution to this is...
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    Is the cost of ownership of your Microsoft client systems rising? Are you looking for ways to reduce the costs associated with deploying Windows and managing it thereafter? There are two solutions available to help combat these costs. In this 3 part post I’ll cover these two solutions, provide links...