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    Recently I had an article published on TechNet Magazine Online in which I cover how SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services and SharePoint 2010 integrate. The article covers the architecture, configuration and improvements in this integration. Read the Article here.
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    For organizations to make the best use of its information it has to be able to collaborate effectively. This collaboration could internal or external. In past posts I’ve talked about how teams can use SharePoint to share information of all types and also how organizations create cross-organization connections...
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    The two most important assets in an organization are its people and its information. Organizations that can connect the two seamlessly empower their employees to make the best decisions. IT Departments are challenged with the task of making this connection. At the backend, products like SQL Server 2008...
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    Office 2010 has a large number of new features, making it a very rich application suite. The next step in the product evolution was to enable that richness beyond the client installation and enable users to take advantage of features online. In this post I’ll cover some of those features that enable...
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    In the previous post we looked at how SharePoint can help improve collaboration within an organization. In this post we will look with more detail at the capabilities in SharePoint that make it more than just a web front end to a file share. As discussed before, each department could have its own site...