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Troubleshooting: Error synchronizing folder Synchronizing Forms 80004005-501-4B9-560

Troubleshooting: Error synchronizing folder Synchronizing Forms 80004005-501-4B9-560

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Error synchronizing folder Synchronizing Forms 80004005-501-4B9-560

Outlook 2003/2007 clients moved to Exchange 2010 are receiving the synchronization error below when initiate a new Otlook session or when synchronizing the OAB:

10:08:44 Synchronizing Forms

10:08:44 Downloading from server 'Server Name'

10:08:44 Error synchronizing folder

10:08:44                 [80004005-501-4B9-560]

10:08:44                 The client operation failed.

10:08:44                 Microsoft Exchange Information Store

10:08:44                 For more information on this failure, click the URL below:


10:08:44 Done

10:08:48 Microsoft Exchange offline address book

10:08:48 Download successful


This problem is caused by issues on the Exchange server. From all accounts, the problem may be related to replication problems with the Org Forms Library public folder.

To resolve this issue

If you are using Organization Forms, and Outlook is on cached mode, these messages should just be ignored.

If you are not using Organization Forms:

Procedure 1

Remove the PF replica for the org forms from the 2010 server, and add it back (if you are using Org Forms), otherwise there is no need to add it back.

From Exchange 2003 System Management:

Procedure 2

If you are not using Organization Forms and you don't have Exchange 2003 PF replicas, you can remove the "Organization" folders using Exchange 2010 Public Folder Management:



If you ever need to recreate the Organizational Forms Library:

To understand how to remove a Public Folder replica, please follow this article:

  • Tried this.  It was unsuccessful.

    No replication errors on Exchange.  Outlook clients receive this error in their sync issues folder EVERY TIME Outlook is opened.  It's not an error with the OAB, it's a Forms Library error.

    Any more suggestions on how to fix this?

  • Hi Isw,

    Tis is exactly what you need to do to fix this problem. Please check if you are removing the right EFORMS REGISTRY folder (make sure you have nothing there). If you still getting error, please send me the synck log info.

  • BTW Isw, some times you need to recreate the Outlook profile. Try that and let me know.

  • Hi Gobbi,

    Many thanks this worked out as a perfect solution for our users. Who were facing issue with syncing after migration from 2003 to 2010.

  • Hi Anderson,

    Thanks for the post,

    We are having the same error and I am unable to remove the PF replica for the Org forms from our Server 2010 as you mentioned. I used EMC to do the troubleshooting, i opened PF Management console under System Public Folders, their is EFORMS REGISTRY, when i click on the folder their is no public folders folder in their.

    can you please work me through this process to be able to correct the error mesg.

    my email address is

    We are running Exchange 2010

    Ms Office 2007 and 2010.

    Thanks in Advance.


  • We have also tried this fix and it does not work.

    According to several MS forums, this is an Exchange bug which will be fixed in a future rollup update (RU5?). Do you think MS could publish an official KB page describing this bug and provide a date for the fix release?

    The forum that mentioned the bug is:

    Perhaps an update of this page would help as well?

  • Our Exchange PFE looked into this issue and determined that there is no scheduled fix until the next version of Exchange... So essentially everyone using public folders and Org Forms can expect to get these synchronization errors every time they fire up Outlook in cache mode.

    Not sure what the issue is or why it is a problem because Outlook in cache mode can access the forms just fine.

    The position of the Exchange team, while understandable, doesn't help us in the field upgrading to the latest version of their product.

  • Ok, I've updated the article with the possible solutions we have. There is no official Microsoft article regarding the final solution of this problem, so the options are: 1) If you are using Organization Forms, and Outlook is on cached mode, these messages should just be ignored; 2) If you are not using Organization Forms and you don't have Exchange 2003 PF replicas (and ESM to remove only the 2010 replicas), you can remove the "Organization" folders using Exchange 2010 Public Folder Management. Additional information on how to recreate these folders were also provided.

  • hi there,

    but what happens when ich move all replicas from 2k3 to 2k10 to remove the 2k3 server? then the replica of eforms registry also moves to 2k10 server and i have to delete it afterwards?



  • Patrick, if you follow the right procedure for your case, at the time you "Move All Replicas" from 2003 to 2010, no replicas will be moved from the "Organization" folders to 2010.

  • I have also seen encoutered this error message. This seemed to be a know issue with Exchange 2010, I made a post regarding this, please see my post :)

  • This issue appears to be addressed in Exchange 2010 SP2 RU3:

    Hopefully this will help others.

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