Live From Redmond: It’s Wednesday Morning!

Last month Christopher Budd, my regular co-host for the Monthly Security Bulletin Webcast, and I went through the usual business of going through the security bulletins that were released for February. Except that something was different from the usual Wednesday morning webcasts we have hosted over the last two years. This time we had a camera pointed at us the entire time, recording every bit of what transpires over the hour. The video footage was later posted on the TechNet Edge site for our customers to watch at their own leisure. Of course, having the camera and lighting equipment changes the flow of our presentation and definitely added an extra layer to the multitude of things we have to keep in mind as we run down the usual list of vulnerabilities, mitigations, and security update details. We made it through the hour with some great questions posed to us by our audience and all was good with world. Anything that wasn't (like my ever-present need for infusions of Diet Coke throughout the webcast), was of course promptly edited out in post-production.

The webcast apparently went so well last month that our Security Response Communications Team decided it would be a great idea to do the video portion of the March webcast live. Now here is where I think it is important to note some of our "more interesting" webcasts from the MSRC archives. In the last two years, we have lost power in our building requiring the backup generators to kick in, the audio link to the webcast audience has gone down, network connectivity to our team of subject matter experts has dropped, our printer has jammed. We have even conducted the webcast during various forces of nature--blizzards, windstorms, and yes, even the flooding of our building. Murphy's Law historically has not had a problem making itself evident on webcast Wednesday.

Now let’s fast forward a month to March 11th, shall we? For starters my fellow MSRCer and Ecostrat Team member Steve Adegbite joined me to allow Christopher Budd a well-deserved break from the March webcast. Second, during the webcast we actually lost power to the camera and audio system causing us to go offline momentarily. After a bit of looking around to determine what exactly happened, Steve and I realized that we were off-air and despite the fact we continued talking, no one was on the other end watching or listening live. The good news is that the production team had everything back up and running almost immediately. I guess it was Murphy's way of once again letting us know that he is a big fan of the webcast and while some may have found it entertaining, it sure wasn’t intended to be that way. 

Regardless of the audio/video gremlins, it was a great webcast and hanging out with Steve for an hour to take customer questions was a blast. The video footage from the webcast has been posted here in case you missed it. Of course, thanks to the wonders of post-production editing you would never know from watching it that we even experienced a hiccup.

Hopefully you will join us for next month's webcast on April 8th and if we are lucky Murphy will take a day off too.