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AD FS Doc Schedule

AD FS Doc Schedule

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A list of future AD FS documentation projects is coming soon.

  • I'm trying to get Reporting Services to work with ADFS. Unfortunately I'm experiencing the same problems as described on the following blog:!4D725994D1492A33!193.entry).

    All the rest works fine (one forest, one FS server, one FSp, two claims-aware applications and one NT application).

    We definitely need Reporting Services to work if we go for ADFS.

    Do you know if the product team has worked on this issue and, if yes, will there be a guide to set up ADFS with Reporting Services?

  • I checked with the program managers on this and they don't know of anyone who has seen this issue. There are no plans at this time to create a guide to set up ADFS with Reporting Services. You might want to try posting to the Active Directory public newsgroups and see if other customers have run into this.

  • Are there any docs in the works that specifically address implementing ADFS with SharePoint Server 2007?  I have found next to nothing on this, so I am hoping something on this will be out soon.

    Any links, suggestions, or expected time frames are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

  • Dustin, I looked into this and I can tell you that the ADFS team is searching for ways to make ADFS/SharePoint Portal Server 2007 content available. It is a bit too soon to discuss timelines and delivery methods for this project at the moment but as soon as I know more I will definitely post about it on this blog.

  • I received an e-mail from Sean Bryson (the owner of the galego2 blog site in the first comment above) that he did end up finding a resolution to the Reporting Services issue that Frank brought up. For more info, see his latest article on the subject!4D725994D1492A33!249.entry.

  • Dustin,

    I have some docs on Sharepoint 2007 and ADFS that might help.

    Drop me an email and I will send them off to you.  There are some changes that you need to make to the web.config files of the site and admin site to all the token to work for authenication.

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