I have to admit, my job is pretty cool.  I've met a bunch of cool people and new friends as a direct result of my work on TechNet Edge.  Last week was no exception, as I got to sit down with the authors of Hyper-V Unleashed to talk about their adventures in virtualization.  You can see the video at this link:A chat with the authors of Hyper-V Unleashed

While I love my job to death, there is one downside to it:  trying to explain to people what I do.  The dialog usually goes like this:

Nice person I've just met: so what do you do?

me:  <nervous smile>  My job title is actually Technical Evangelist

n:  <boggle> what does that mean?

m:  yeah, I'm pretty much in charge of Happy Thoughts.  I just make sure people are thinking happy thoughts.

n:  really?

m:  yeah.  I also do a lot of walking around and talking to people.

n:  come on, what do you really do?

m:  ok, I try to help drive early adoption and buzz around emerging technologies.

n:  <blank stare>

m:  Happy Thoughts.  I'm in charge of Happy Thoughts.  What do you do?