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my interview with Bob Muglia, bigwig

my interview with Bob Muglia, bigwig

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In December I interviewed Bob Muglia for Technet Edge.  You can see it here.

I've met a few Vice Presidents and CxO's in my time at Microsoft.  A few intimidated the hell out of me.  A couple were pretty down to earth.  None so much as Bob though.  I've been a fly on the wall of a couple of his staff meetings, and have been consistently impressed with his ability to uncover the real state of the business and do so in a gracious and respectful manner.  You know what else impressed me?  When I emailed him asking if he'd be willing to do an interview, he replied personally, just a few hours later, with "I'm glad to do this!"

It really was clear when I met with Bob that he has a real passion for our products.  He really does install all of this stuff on his own, and I've heard the feedback he gives product teams when he sees things we should do better.  When you look at the evolution of our server products over the years he's been in this role, you can see how that passion is paying off.

I have a request for you:  At some point you've been using a Microsoft product, and asked yourself "what were they thinking when they made this?"  If you'll let me know what product you were using, and what made you want to ask that question, I'll grab my Edge camera and do my best to find an answer for you.

  • Your offer is too good to pass, grab your camera and chase down the group behind Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.


    Because of the annoying "unknown error" that SharePoint shows when it gets confused.

    I know that MOSS 2007 were thrown together with technology made by different teams and i can understand it is a big job to make the different parts behave the same.

    I have high hope for the R2 edition of MOSS 2007, because i really think it is a great product and i hope it will get better in the future. But the "unknown error" has got to go away or i need for you to provide me with some kind of telepatic device so i can read MOSSs mind.

    Feature-request: Instead of showing an animated gif-picture when MOSS is doing a job taking more than 5-10 seconds, i would rather see a list of steps so i know why creation of a webpage is failing (step 7 of 20 failed because we couldn't align the stars and SharePoint gave up on waiting for a iisreset job to complete).

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