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It seems like most of my blogging is happening over at Edge these days, but I've seen a few links recently that I really thought i should share.

First, a couple of items for the Green Computing evangelist in me:

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool allows you to see how various vendors are integrating green computing principles into the manufacturing and operations of their equipment.  I'm pleased to see that my current laptop and monitor both received Silver ratings, and when I'm due to refresh this equipment, these assessments will be included in my decision.  If you're not already considering the environmental impact of your computer purchases, this is a great place to start.

Voltaic Systems has released a computer bag with a solar panel capable of charging a laptop.  I've seen

some of their backpacks with smaller panels that will recharge an .mp3 player or a phone, but this is the first time they've offered something with this much capability.  The $600 bullet is a little hard to swallow, but the idea of being able to use my laptop for a few hours a day without ever plugging in to the wall is pretty cool.  Dear Voltaic:  if you send me one of these to evaluate, I will shamelessly sell out and give it a raving review.  I will give it regular visibility in TechNet Edge videos, and frequently remind people that my laptop bag is superior to theirs.

In other news, I remember when Server 2003 was hip and cool and on top of his game.  Today, he's old and busted.  He has a blog, check it out.

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