my longtime friend Steve has printed a long list of stuff he'd like to do, but probably never will.

I've been thinking about making a list like this myself, and had a few of them jotted down on a post-it note on my desk already.  Here's mine:

  1. Fire warning shot across someone’s bow
  2. Leap into a taxi, screaming “follow that cab!”
  3. Unleash the hounds
  4. Ask someone to take me to their leader
  5. say into my cell phone “ok, calm down.  it's the blue wire.  cut the blue one.”
  6. In an appropriate setting, say “yeah, almost too quiet.”
  7. fist fight on the top of a moving train
  8. swing from a chandelier
  9. go all-in in a high stakes poker game and win
  10. be introduced at an event as "Adam Carter, an expert in the field..."
  11. smile smugly and say "but in your whole masterful plan, there's one thing you forgot."
  12. "we love playing big arena shows like this!  we have time for just one last song, and we'd like to invite our longtime friend Adam up on stage to jam with us."
  13. passenger in my car: "the bridge is already going up!  we won't make it!"  me (accelerating) "we'll make it.  hang on."
  14. be recognized by Guinness as a world record holder at something
  15. use the phrase "Do any of you know why I've brought you all together tonight?"
  16. have a newly discovered star/lifeform named after me
  17. tell a camera crew "I'm going to Disneyland."
  18. hear a news reporter say "but proudest of all was the hero's father, Adam Carter"
  19. press the launch button
  20. check my calendar and see no appointments scheduled for a whole week

what's yours?